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Why Advertise With Us?

Current Advertisers: Manufacturers of hair, hair styling aids, general merchandise, nail care, skin care, makeup and POS systems encompass the majority of our advertisers. Some of the biggest names in the industry can be found within our pages because they recognize us as a valuable outlet for putting information about their products in the hands of purchasing decision makers. See our latest issue for a listing of our current advertisers.

Advertising in OTC Beauty Magazine will:

• Strengthen
your products’ position in the multicultural beauty and barber supply industry.
• Increase your products’ exposure and awareness amongst retailers who sell/ buy your products on a daily basis.
• Target your products to a broader audience of Korean- and English-speaking decision makers.

OTC Beauty Magazine offers something for everyone!

• Small companies:OTC Beauty Magazine offers small ads with high-visibility placement to companies with limited budgets. Plus, our on-staff designer will design a customized professional ad for you that compels readers to carry your products.
• Up-and-Coming companies: Advertising with us on a regular basis will ensure that your products remain stocked on the retail shelves and that retailers always know about your latest innovation.
• Multinational companies: keep your brand’s name on the tip of every retailer’s tongue with brand identity advertising.

Our interactive, user-friendly website is updated on a monthly basis featuring downloadable PDFs of articles from the past three issues. New this year, advertisers can look forward to our Current Advertisers page, featuring YOUR contact information and a direct link to your website! Even better, if you take the front cover, your ad is right on our homepage!

Unique Advertising Opportunities

Front Cover

How would you like your ad to be the first thing people see when they receive our magazine? You can make that happen by purchasing the front cover! This is a unique opportunity not seen by many publications. Take advantage of this during the month that the feature is related to your industry (see Editorial Calendar page for details).

Our 21.25˝ x 35˝ posters are inserted inside of the magazine, practically begging to be hung on the walls of retailers’ stores. This unique advertising opportunity is seen by not only the retailers who buy your products, but the consumers who use them! Our low price pays for the printing and insertion.

Insert advertisements allow you to get as creative as you want. Why pay for a list rental when you can get your information in the hands of retailers without it looking like junk mail? Here is a list of just some of the promotional pieces our advertisers inserted in our magazine last year.
• Shelf talker
• Sales Sheet
• Plan-O-Guide
• Sweepstakes entry form pad
• New product educational information
• Coupon
• Sample packet
• Small catalog

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