Empowerment to the People


Charity and cause-related marketing directed to the OTC consumer must address relevant empowerment strategies. Consumers are facing a new reality of what it will take to make America great. It is not rhetoric or blame. It is not another funeral or rally. Any marketing outreach should treat the consumer with a new sense of awareness and edification. OTC retailers can provide uplifting education regarding voting, education and achievement. OTC retailers can show support by contributing to proactive causes. “Power to the People” is more than a catch phrase. The empowerment message has become overt across all cultures. Now more than ever, consumers will take a stand for self-empowerment. Social media and the news continue to dramatize that it is the community’s responsibility to take charge. The cause has been elevated to economics, education and equality. Online marketing and apps that provide handy tips or resources can be an efficient method of bringing power to the people. This has been the year of political strife, violence and inhumanity. By now consumers want to invest in the future of their family, their neighborhoods and the nation.

Marketing programs to this new consumer awareness should address empowering strategies—“Back to School”, “Back to Work” and “Back to Basics” are handy themes. Communities that feel slighted by loss of jobs, loss of life and loss of economic stability need empowerment strategies. OTC’s should offer programs designed to provide visibility and sensitivity. Becoming a solution-oriented partner is a powerful way to bring power to the OTC community.

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