Jinny Corp. Launches New Website


The Jinny Corp. graphics team is excited to announce the debut of the new website, www.jinny.com. The whole team worked hard to make this redesign a reality.

In the planning meetings, Mr. Jhin wanted us to redesign the website so it would be more responsive and content driven, in addition to giving our customers access to our most important and newest information first. We believe that we have succeeded and built a dynamic website that will amaze our customers and manufacturers.


For our manufacturers, we have a banner ad right at the top and the bottom of the each page. Then right below the news photo grid we placed rotating manufacturer ads. If a manufacturer is interested in buying ad space, they can contact Mr. Garrett Wright at the Atlanta branch. Plus, the link to the “Advertisers” page is right on the top menu. On this page you will find art specs and advertising information so manufacturers and vendors will always be in-the-know.

The customers will be happy to see Jinny news is right below the menu. This will allow our customers to see the newest information and happenings from the world’s largest multi-cultural beauty and professional salon/barber distributor. Down lower, you will see blocks showing off our Featured Partners and Ordering information. So for instance, if a customer needs to fill out a credit application, they will hit the “Customer Forms” article, then they can either fill out the online application or print out a PDF to fax in. Both are right there.

Have you ever wondered, “What are the newest products that are on the market?” or “I wonder what the top selling products are nationwide?” Well, we have that information available for you on the “Just Arrived in our Warehouse” and “Best Selling” pages. They are located on the side bar on the right side of each page.

You will also notice that right at the tippy top, we have icons for Facebook and YouTube, as well as a new feature that will be ultra-useful – the Search button.

Please take a look at the new Jinny.com, and be sure to like us on Facebook.

Article by Tim Robitaille, Creative Director for Jinny Corp.

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