The ABCs of Digital Marketing

According to the Harvard Business Review and the post-COVID CMO survey, social media marketing spending saw a 74 percent lift in 2020. In addition, traditional marketing activity was projected to decline during the same time period. Digital marketing is becoming more of the budget focus for companies, and rightly so. With the pandemic, the importance…

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Post-Pandemic Beauty Survival

Consumers will greet 2022 with a new lease on life, love and beauty.  They have survived two years of attacks on their well-being, insurrections in the air and on the streets, climate crises, shortages, shut-ins and several iterations of vaccine boosters.  Consumers feel like survivors, and most feel they have suffered enough.   Previous concepts on…

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E-commerce That Drives OTC Traffic

Online shopping is here to stay. The pandemic served to expedite the decline of brick and mortar—nearly a third of all sales were trending toward E-commerce prior to the COVID-19. However, the innate longing for in-store experiences has not died away. This online buying frenzy has taught customers to search and secure products at the…

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Create Your way – WITH THE Master® Cordless CLIPPER

By Kenny Duncan, Andis North American Artistic Team Lead There’s no doubt that the Andis Master® Cordless clipper is designed to perform. With its state-of-the-art engineering, high-torque rotary motor and Constant Speed Technology, you can cut through any type of hair without dragging or stalling. Cutting Performance My top two adjustable blade picks that can…

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