3 Surprising Warning Signs Your Hair is Thinning

With hair loss, one of the best ways to stop the process is early detection and prevention. But, are there other ways to spot thinning hair before it is too late?

“You will notice the obvious signs: there is more hair in the sink, the shower drain is clogging, and more. Yet, there are other warning signs that you’ll want to pay attention to as well,” explains Carla Rivas, co-founder of the all-natural hair growth vitamin and styling line Hair La Vie. “Some of them may surprise you.”


Warning Sign #1: You hair is oiler than it used to be.

If your hair begins to feel oilier or you find yourself washing more or using dry shampoo more this is a pretty good sign your hair is thinning. For women especially, this is most likely due to stress and overstyling. Women often underestimate how badly they are damaging their hair. Once your hair is damaged you need to infuse it with the proper antioxidants, natural oils and nutrients to bring it back to life and get it growing healthier and faster. When choosing a hair vitamin just be careful to avoid synthetic fillers like magnesium sterate, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide and chromium. Make sure the capsule is veggie too.

“I designed Hair La Vie hair growth vitamin with 20 all-natural ingredients for exactly this reason. It will help repair the damage and bring your hair back to its naturally beautiful state.”


Warning Sign #2: You need to color your hair more often.

If you notice your roots are coming out more but your hair does not seem longer, this could be a bad sign of breakage. Breakage will thin your hair out too and make it appear uneven. Breakage happens when the hair shaft is damaged or your hair is not moisturized enough. If you use a natural non-heavy oil like an argan or coconut oil this can help hydrate the hair and make it more elastic and flexible. This will always help with split ends.


Warning Sign #3: Your hair keeps getting frizzier.

Having a lot of flyaways, frizz or split ends is another way to tell breakage and damage is happening. Try drying your hair with a cotton shirt instead of a towel. Also, use a deep conditioner with protein. The most popular protein for your hair is keratin.

“We offer a keratin infused deep hydration masque called Hair La Vie Revive. Something like this, that is natural but filled with antioxidants and protein, will help calm the frizz and strengthen your hair.”


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