5 Ways to Take Care of Your Color-treated Natural Hair This Winter

naturally curly hair

During the depths of winter, we all need a bit of cheering up. And what better way than to have a bit of fun with your hair? This might mean trying a new style or weave, but for many it’s going to be all about the color. While natural hair styles come with certain challenges when it comes to dyeing, if you use the right products and treat your ‘do with a bit of TLC after it’s dyed, the results can be great. For anyone with 4a hair type or other naturally curly hair types, here’s our step-by-step guide to looking after your color-treated hair this winter.

  1. Everyday care

Once you’ve had your hair dyed you’ll need to get into a daily maintenance routine to keep your look moisturized and beautiful. Everyone will do this slightly differently but the key principles remain the same. Avoid washing too regularly (most find once a week to be enough), but be sure to moisturize every day. Put some oil in your hands and apply from tip to root. Alternatively use a leave-in conditioning spray with some added argon or jojoba oil.

  1. Handle gently

Dyed hair tends to be fragile compared to untouched locks. That means it’s important to handle your hair gently after a color treatment. Be ultra-sensitive during washing, detangling and styling. This means making sure to use products specifically designed for color-treated natural hair when washing and moisturizing. Also, get yourself a good quality, wide-tooth comb for detangling as anything else can lead to damage or hair loss. If you’re a swimmer, always use a swimming cap to protect color-treated hair from chemicals in the pool.

  1. Conditioning deep treatments

Next up, deep conditioning is the absolute key to maintaining 4a hair and other afro types that have been dyed. While you may be using a conditioning spray every day, it’s also important to set aside some time each week to do a deep conditioning treatment. Chose a conditioner designed for color-treated black hair and apply post-wash. Keep the product in for a good half hour and then rinse out thoroughly. If in doubt of what product to buy go for those containing shea butters and / or Vitamin E – both are particularly nourishing for dyed hair.

  1. Protein treatments

While deep-conditioning treatments are sufficient for most color-treated hair styles, some people also add a protein mask into the mix. These are designed for protein-deficient hair, a real risk for locks that have been color-treated due to the chemicals in most dyes. If you are noticing an increase in the number of hairs falling out, try one of these treatments. Protein-based products are designed to fill the gaps in each strand that occur due to cuticle damage so can add strength and shine.

  1. Protect your hair overnight

Finally, night-time needs a bit of thought when you’re looking after color-treated, textured hair. With your hair moving about on the pillow for 6+ hours each night there is an increased risk of breakage and split ends. To avoid this, get yourself a bedtime hair routine. Apply oil evenly across the hair then divide into two/three ponytails, depending on the thickness of your hair. This will prevent matting and help avoid knots. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf for protection and then head to bed. A night routine like this can postpone frizz and damage for weeks.

Color-treated hair can be fun and sexy. It’s just about maintaining the health and shine of your locks to prevent any damage. Follow these tips for a beautiful and colorful ‘fro!


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