7 Essential Qualities of an Effective Leader

Nearly 50 qualities have been attributed to great, effective leaders. However, seven of those stand out as the most important. Let us have a look at each of these seven essential qualities of an effective leader.


(1) Vision
Great leaders have phenomenal vision, thereby giving them the ability to plan for the future. They have a clear idea of where they are headed, what they are seeking, besides being exceptional at strategic planning. Possessing a clear vision turns an ordinary manager into an effective leader.


(2) Courage
Being courageous allows leaders to take calculated risks when it comes to achieving goals when success may appear like a pipedream. Because both business and life are unpredictable, every decision you make and every action you carry out involves a considerable amount of risk. Therefore, courage is one of the key leadership strengths.


(3) Integrity
The foremost quality when it comes to good leadership qualities is integrity. Arguably, it is one of the most important leadership attributes. By having a high sense of integrity, you are setting an example for others as well as being a source of inspiration for all your followers. The core of integrity is honesty and truthfulness.


(4) Humility
Great leaders are decisive and strong, yet humble. Humility does not mean that you are feeble or not sure of yourself. It eventually means that you possess the self-awareness and self-confidence for recognizing values of others. It also means that you are ready to admit that you may be wrong sometimes.


(5) Strategic Planning
Great leaders are excellent when it comes to strategic planning. They possess the ability to look ahead and to gauge where the markets and industry are heading. Hence, effective leaders have the necessary foresight.


(6) Focus
Leaders demonstrate exceptional focus on the needs of the situation and the company. Effective leaders focus on goals, results, and achievements for themselves and other team members. This is one of the few blogs on leadership that mention this quality. Their primary focus revolves around the strengths of the organization and on the things that the organization does best in satisfying customers.


(7) Cooperation
A leader needs to have the ability to get all staff members working together. Leadership eventually translates in possessing the ability to get team members working for you because they want to. You need to obtain the cooperation of others by effectively making a commitment to work in close association with every team member on an everyday basis.


These were seven of the best leadership qualities that will spell success for you and your organization.


Article courtesy of articlesbase.com. You can find the article at: http://www.articlesbase.com/leadership-articles/7-essential-qualities-of-an-effective-leader-7376653.html.

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