9 Ways Small Businesses Can Give Back to the Community

Small businesses are the cornerstone of the economy. Philanthropy is good for businesses ‘public images and reputations. There is nothing more valuable than giving your personal time or resources.

Here are 9 ways that small businesses can give back to the community:


  1. Partner with a neighborhood school. Schools are always in need of items that range from uniforms to school supplies. Find a school that is in need of a partnership and forge a relationship.
  2. Give gift cards. Donate gift cards from your business to a local event in the community. They can be used as door prizes or as an incentive.
  3. Sponsor an event. Provide financial assistance to an event. It establishes quality connections, increases brand awareness and presents beneficial opportunities. It will also get your name out there and bring in new customers.
  4. Get your employees involved. Set and communicate the goals of how employees will participate in events in the community. Offering paid time off is a great way to motivate employees to volunteer their time to the community.
  5. Offer your own products and services. It is a good practice to offer your products or services so potential customers will learn about your business and know what you offer. This is a great way to introduce your business to the community.
  6. Promote and support other local businesses. No man is an island and everyone must rely on others in order to thrive. It is imperative for you to support other local businesses because it creates opportunities to exchange knowledge, resources and ideas.
  7. Support a cause. Have a food drive to help feed the homeless or help serve a meal to the homeless. You can also visit a homeless shelter to donate items such as socks, underwear and clothing.
  8. Partner with a nonprofit organization. Businesses working with nonprofit organizations reap benefits such as increased visibility for your brand, creating more connections and it boosts company morale.
  9. Share your expertise. Your expertise is a gift that should be shared with others because it will help them to advance and get better. Participate in panel discussions, educational workshops, online seminars or speak at industry events.

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