A Fresh Start to 2017

Start the New Year off with a Clean, Tidy, and Well Organized Store


Store cleanliness and appearance plays an important role in where consumers will shop. Is your retail establishment in need of a makeover for the New Year?

Research studies have found that many consumers said they would stop visiting a store that was not as clean as they would like, and others have said they would only visit those types of stores to pick up a few items that they could not find anywhere else.

Cleanliness is an important part of the “consumer’s shopping experience.” It dictates the consumer’s willingness to shop at a given retailer, and also influences the frequency and length of time spent in the store.

First impressions are made the moment customers walk through the doors, and sometimes even before that. An untidy business can make shoppers feel uneasy. When people are uneasy, they are more apt to leave the store quicker.

Clean, well-organized stores can generate bigger profits…for when customers are enjoying the “experience” they spend more time browsing and exposed to more products, which can lead to more likely purchases.


Here are some common areas that are often overlooked, but should be paid special attention to:

Young happy russian  housewife chooses broom for cleaning
Young happy russian housewife chooses broom for cleaning

Front Doors/Windows – Are the front doors and windows free of fingerprints? Customers may assume that if the front doors are dirty, then so is the rest of the store. Glass windows, doors/door handles, and mirrors should be cleaned daily, and should be a part of the opening and closing routine of a business.


Shelving and Displays – Make a special effort to rotate stock and pull expired merchandise off the shelves. When a customer sees product that is dirty, old and out of date, they naturally assume that you are selling other products in the store that are below standard. Old products usually only sit and sit on the shelves, with no possibility of being purchased. Clean shelves periodically of spills and residue build up.


Parking Lot – When was the last time you actually stopped and took survey of the parking lot area in front of your business? Pick up litter and trash in the parking lot leading into your store. Believe it or not, an unclean entrance is noticed by your customers even though they may never mention it to you. When your store front is clean and neat, people will take notice.


Floors – Dirty floors can be viewed as a big hazard for customers. The overall safety of your customers should always be a top priority. You should want to eliminate any chance of a lawsuit as the result of a fall due to spills or buildup on the floors. Carpeted floors should be vacuumed and shampooed periodically to maintain freshness.


Scent in the Air – How your store smells can affect how people perceive your business. We all like entering a room or building that smells great! Don’t become nose blind to unpleasant odors that linger in your store. Burn candles or disperse air fresheners throughout the store to keep it smelling nice.


Declutter and Organize – Get rid of unnecessary clutter at the cash registers, and special service areas within the store. Clean counter tops and displays frequently, and always have cleaning supplies available to take care of spills and accidents.


Keeping your business clean and organized is very important—perhaps more important than one may realize. Start 2017 off with a clean and tidy store! Make sure your business is ready to embrace these simple opportunities to win over new customers and maintain existing ones.


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