A TRU Healthy Hair Care Regimen for WIG WEARERS!

Meet Alexis Flagler
Founder of TruConnoisseur Solutions
Alexis is a Lace Wig Connoisseur and International Educator providing services for Lace Wig Consumers and aspiring Lace Wig specialists for over nine years. All too familiar with the pain points of the average Lace Wig Consumer, she Founded TruConnoisseur Solutions, a hub for Professional Lace Wig and Hair Growth Solutions developed to create a Healthier and more Undetectable Experience for Lace Wig consumers. www.TruConnoisseurSolutions.com


While Wigs are taking over the Protective Style space, consumers are struggling to keep their Natural Hair underneath Healthy. At first thought, one may think keeping hair tucked away under a cap is the ultimate low maintenance alternative, but they soon realize that if not done properly, there’s more neglecting of the hair taking place than protecting of the hair. Here you’ll find why TruRestoration Hair Growth & Maintenance System is the go-to for Wig wearers and how to incorporate the system into a fail proof Healthy Hair care regimen under Wig styles.

Protection starts at the Foundation
Understanding the need for a reliable hair maintenance and growth system that caters to the needs of frequent Wig Wearers is key. TruRestoration Hair Growth & Maintenance System’s clinical breakthrough formula naturally promotes hair growth and strengthens hair follicles deep below the surface promoting hair restoration while reducing hair loss and breakage. Why is this important for wig wearers? For starters, this is the magic that helps consumers re-grow and keep their edges, which many commonly experience losing while wearing wigs.

While this may come as no brainer, many experts agree that shampooing for a squeaky-clean scalp is crucial to a good foundation for a protective style that promotes growth. TruRestoration’s Growth Booster Shampoo and Growth Booster Conditioner provides the perfect balance of clarifying, to wash away excessive dirt and build up, and moisture, to keep the hair supple and protected, especially for 4C Naturals.

For a mid to long term wig experience, 8-10 flat comfortable braids to the back is sufficient. Comfortability of the braid foundation is important here as many braid downs involve excessive, unnecessary tension which leads to short term hair loss and long-term traction alopecia over time. With every braid foundation, nourish the scalp with TruRestoration’s Resurrect Growth Oil which increases blood flow on contact, releasing nutrition and oxygen to hair follicles needed for growth and restoration.

Nourish along the way
This is typically where the drop off takes place as most Wig Wearers install their wigs with adhesives that are affected by traditional oils and serums, causing consumers to choose not to hydrate and moisturize at all while wearing wigs. TruRestoration’s Stop Itch! Hair Growth Elixir Drops were formulated to specifically cater to wig wearers in this instance. It’s unique non-oily, antibacterial formula allows consumers to apply Growth Drops daily through their wigs which hydrates, moisturizes, and cleanses the Scalp, combating that itch that so many experience under wigs.

Take a Break
Wig wearing can be addicting, after all it is a low maintenance protective style that allows you to experience many trends without ever manipulating your own natural hair, however it is most healthy to take breaks in between. It is recommended to break from wigs at least every 2-3 weeks for a full shampoo to cleanse of dirt and sweat that builds up overtime and to re-nourish the scalp with oils to lock in hydration and moisture needed for healthy hair retention.

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