All in the Name of Haircare

There’s no better feeling than achieving that perfect hair color for your client, but we also know the feeling all too well when that luscious color is let down by bad quality shampoo and conditioner.

CRAZY COLOR®’s range of shampoos and conditioners are designed to put your color creations first, while treating your client to a slice of that in-salon experience each and every hair wash. 

EXTEND Shampoo 

Specially formulated to care for and revive all semi-permanent or oxidative color treated hair types, CRAZY COLOR®’s EXTEND Shampoo is packed with a trio of essential oils ready to smooth and promote increased hydration. Let the power of Sunflower Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Raspberry Seed Oil pamper each and every strand of colored hair, packing in all the nourishment and moisture those strands were craving keeping that color vibrant for longer! 

Just like all CRAZY COLOR® products, EXTEND Shampoo is free from harsh salt and sulfates as well as being 100% vegan and cruelty free. 

Rainbow Care Conditioner 

The perfect second step for all hair types and textures! 

CRAZY COLOR®’s Rainbow Care Conditioner is salt and sulfate free to ensure long-lasting results. Combined with the Sunflower Seed and Brazilian Nut Oil formula, not only will your color last, but it leaves the hair feeling sleek, smooth and full of hydration. Color is best shown off on shiny, healthy hair, so always follow up our EXTEND Shampoo with the Rainbow Care Conditioner; they truly are the dream duo. 

UltraViolet Shampoo 

Say goodbye to unwanted yellow tones with ease, and hello to the blonde tone you love!

“I’m pretty obsessed with CRAZY COLOR®‘s Ultra Violet shampoo; man it works! Here’s the rule, NEVER let your clients leave without a take-home color or Ultra Violet shampoo when creating grey, silver or white tones. It’s a complaint waiting to happen.”

– Sophia Hilton, CRAZY COLOR® Ambassador and Founder of Not Another Salon 

ANTI Bleed Spray

Love to create vibrant colors, but can’t stand to see it washed down the drain after just the first wash? CRAZY COLOR®’s ANTI Bleed Spray locks in color for up to 10 extra washes. Applied after any salon color service, ANTI prevents bleeding, prolongs fading and enhances shine. Post color service, simply rinse with cool water, apply to wet hair, let it sit for 1 minute and then rinse as normal, minus the color bleeding! Continue to use at home with the same method for color that keeps on giving.

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