Anti-Bullying Campaign with MrEyeliner

MrEyeliner brand was created for ALL individuals to wear.  Our mission is to make the world a more suitable place for individuality and acceptance through our MrEyeliner brand messages. Anyone who would like to wear eyeliner should be able to; no matter the sex, creed or nationality. People are all made equal. With that being said, our brand culture is about supporting anyone who decides to be themselves. Our team stands strong & proud.


Bullying can be a major culprit to inhibit individualized style & freedom to express oneself.  Bullying is ruining too many lives. Too many are picked on, abused and ridiculed. Made to feel inadequate. Afraid to be proud & express oneself freely. Too many feel trapped, misunderstood, not listened to and ignored. It can make one feel safer hiding in the shadows, not being true to oneself and definitely not enjoying life.


Bullying can start at home with possibly insensitive and/or narrow-minded parents or guardians. They may be incapable of discussing these sensitive topics.  That can make you feel even more alone, quiet and abandoned. Especially when the people that are supposed to love & support you can’t or won’t clearly understand what you’re feeling and/or what’s happening in your life. Bullying has been a horrible epidemic in our society for generations. In the past years, it has gotten worse with school bullying, playground bullying, cyber bullying, social media bullying and so much more.  Bullying is complicated. Schools have a tremendous amount of issues to deal with; bullying being one of them.


MrEyeliner was created to help in this widespread arena. Zach Garfinkel aka MrEyeliner has begun reaching out to youths at music festivals and in-store events since he introduced the brand in late 2018. Zack is trained to speak supportively with anyone on bullying topics. His team has begun to reach out to local schools to offer to speak at events to get our anti-bullying message out there. He plans to educate the educators as well as the students in person and online. Our message presents ways to encourage self-expression, offer sound advice & meaningful help. Our social media platforms encourage dialog & exchanges of ideas. MrEyeliner is here to provide a VOICE to the VOICELESS no matter what the setting.


MrEyeliner plans to touch and inspire anyone who has been the object of bullying or been made to feel afraid to express themselves freely.  Our team is available wherever & whenever we are needed to discuss all types of self-expression topics. We promote: Be proud of who you are. Let’s make the world a more suitable place for individuality and acceptance through our MrEyeliner brand.  Zack and his team are seeking to #StoptheBullying and assist the bullied.


Contact MrEyeliner at on IG @mreyeliner and at 917-776-4573.


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