At Last! A Tool That Dries, Smooths AND Straightens

You won’t want to miss this: a one-of-a-kind hair tool that dries, smooths and styles strands in one go. The Gold’ N Hot Professional Ionic Volumizer fits your styling needs, whether it’s a wash-day blow dry, a day-to-day touch-up, or something in between. It’s a best-selling tool for a reason, uniquely designed to make a drying process that’s easier and better with more style and less breakage. Read on to find out more.

How’s it work? The Gold’ N Hot Professional Ionic Volumizer takes the best of a hairdryer and brush, combines them for one innovative tool and one unforgettable styling experience. The round brush design gently detangles and smooths – no time for breakage here. The oval brush shape gets you close to the root for ultimate smoothing from top to bottom and as much lift as you’d like. A powerful 1100-watts and airflow vents that are uniquely built-in help distribute direct heat evenly for a fast, consistent drying process. Innovation, check.

More than just a pretty (and powerful) face, this dryer and styler has the technology to back up its popularity. The Gold’ N Hot Professional Ionic Volumizer’s innovation also covers technologies that help protect strands! The ceramic coating on the barrel works to distribute heat evenly to guard strands against damage from harsh temperatures, and it’s been known to turn up the shine. Not just from time to time, but all the time. Ionic Technology® knows less heat = less damage and helps speed up the drying process. Hello, healthy-looking hair! Speaking of less heat, let’s talk about multiple heat settings. Three heating options so you can customize to your ideal temperature. Heated styling with protection? You’ve got it.  

You heard it here, one step to powerful, precise styling for volume, body, and healthier-looking strands. 

Gold’ N Hot aims to support stylists and hair enthusiasts with professional products for every step of their process. We provide a wide variety of quality styling tools to help you achieve the most gorgeous results and ever-changing trends. Follow Gold’ N Hot on Facebook and Instagram @goldnhotelite. 

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Sara Rueda is a Gold ‘N Hot Team Member in Digital Marketing. Throughout her career, she has pursued her passions in the marketing, writing and creative industries and devotes dedication to helping empower individuals to be their true selves and define their own beautiful.

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