Available Flat Iron Plating

Hair straighteners differ in form, sizes, and added features. When choosing a flat iron, you have to think about the regularity of use. Invest in a good device, if you want to use it daily. Those with long hair, opt for a styler with wider plate. It is also appealing to go for flat irons having extra features. An automatic shut off is an additional benefit, the same with heat resistant handles.

So as to have the best styling device, you should also check the plating of the device. Below mentioned is three of the most common plating:

1. Chrome Plating
Flat irons with chrome plating are a common choice among women because of their low price. These tools are perfect for those who do not use their straightener on a daily basis. This is due to the heat generated from the chrome plates easily damages the hair. So, pick this only if you plan to use it occasionally. Those who have chemically treated, dry hair, fine hair, and easily damaged hair, avoid this type of plating.

2. Gold Plating
Gold plated flat irons are intended for normal and relatively thick hair types. They are a good choice for everyday use, as they do not leave hair dry and dull. They also remove the frizz and leave pleasing results without much damage. Gold plated tools are more expensive than the chrome plating; but more reasonable than the ceramic.

3. Ceramic Plating
This is the most suggested type of plating. It is the best flat iron for all hair types such as heavy curly, fine, damaged, and chemically treated. It heats up very fast and you can finish the job quickly. In addition, the hair will not spend too much time under the heat. Another benefit of this device is that it is lightweight, so it is very easy for users to handle.

Knowing different types of hair straightening rods and their features allow you to choose the best device for your hair type. To prevent severe hair damages and ensure best results, use the best straightening iron with the support of protective hair care products.

Article courtesy of articlesbase.com. You can find the article at: http://www.articlesbase.com/hair-articles/available-flat-iron-plating-2317894.html.

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