Beauty Exchange Remains Competitive in a Digital Age

In a world where the Internet and big-name stores are stealing sales from smaller OTCs, it’s crucial to pivot and offer what these stores can’t – variety and customer service with the multicultural customer in mind. OTC chains like Beauty Exchange are leading the way to do just that. With stores in Georgia and Florida, the beauty supply store giant is leading the way to a new era of OTCs, proving that success is still achievable in this ever-changing market.

On West Mcnab Road in North Fort Lauderdale, Florida, one of the newest locations of the chain continues to see an increase in shoppers. Manager Roger Suleiman attributes the chain’s growth to four factors: customer service, product availability, price promotions and digital engagement.

“We bring products that customers ask for,” Suleiman said, adding that the brand uses their Instagram account to advertise the store promotions and discounts. “People need help on the floor too, and most of my workers went to school for beauty supply stores.”

The loyalty of the employees is likely the most critical factor for Beauty Exchange. Each of the workers said that feeling valued and cared for has encouraged them to work even harder. One of those employees is Latousha Flemings, who has worked for Beauty Exchange for about four months. The cheerful worker said she looks forward to delivering top-notch customer service. “I’m always cheerful and ready to greet people. I’m always telling them about deals, like we give deals on soaps, hairdryers, blow dryers, and wigs. Everyone comes here and says we’re like a mall.”

Keeping a clean store is also imperative, she said. “We all walk down the aisles every day. We scoot everything up to make sure everything is right. We have a certain system that has everything by the front line,” she said. “(The owner) likes it straight, and we keep our store clean and mop. We all pull together.”

These efforts have made Beauty Exchange one of the most popular beauty supply store chains in the market and have proven that catering to the customer and taking care of their employees are the true secrets to their success.

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