Beauty experts reveal and debunk viral TikTok hair trends… from apple cider vinegar to heatless curls

TikTok has revolutionized the hair and beauty industry. With a constant flow of new trends, undiscovered hacks, and tips for achieving the hottest looks, TikTok is the go-to place for uncovering what’s happening in beauty and wellness.
Experts at beauty and wellness marketplace have collated some of the hottest ‘#hairtok’ trends from 2023, giving all the insider knowledge on achieving these looks.

Heatless Curls
One of the most popular hair styling methods this year is heatless curls. Unlike their hot tool-created counterparts, heatless curls cause less damage and are a lot easier to create.
Searches for ‘heatless curls tutorial’ on Pinterest, have risen 212% in the past three months and ‘how to do heatless curls’ have almost doubled over the past year, with an increase of 118% worldwide. Searches have also increased for a ‘heatless curl kit’ by 525% over the past three months as brands create their own methods for people to achieve the look.
Many videos circulating on TikTok show methods of achieving heatless curls and, ultimately, revealing the effortless results. The hashtag #heatlesscurls has racked up an incredible 5.4 billion views on the app, with #heatlesscurlsresults totalling 52.9 million and #heatlesscurlsresults surpassing 435.8 million views.
Heatless curls are a great way to eliminate unnecessary damage from hot tools, and the stress on the hair strands is minimal. There are multiple ways to produce curls with no heat:
Wrap your hair around a pair of socks when almost dry – leave in for a few hours (or overnight) and spray with hairspray to set your curls. Just remember: the smaller the sock, the tighter the curl.
Braid your hair when it’s wet. Depending on the tightness of the braid, you’ll get anything from tight ringlets to loose waves.
Rollers are classic and effective. After putting your rollers in, cover your head with a silk scarf to reduce static and keep them neat.
Robe tie curls are incredibly easy and super comfortable to sleep in. Loop your hair around any robe tie (the thickness and how tight you wrap your hair will determine how your curls will come out) and tie with a hair tie. Keep in for a few hours or overnight.

Extra top tips:
Try using a silk scrunchie instead of regular bands to hold your heatless curling method and keep loose strands at bay.
If you’ve been to the salon and want to prolong your bouncy blow dry, use rollers to keep the shape of the style for longer, even overnight, and you’ll have salon-fresh locks until your next hair wash.
Use dry shampoo and hairspray to hold your curls. Both are great options and are available in hundreds of scents and strengths.

Curtain Bangs
Although everyone was cutting their own hair during lockdown, the DIY trend is still popular on TikTok.
Searches for ‘how to cut your own curtain bangs’ have increased by 817% worldwide over the past year, proving the surge in people wanting to achieve the look. Searches for ‘how to style curtain bangs’ have also increased, growing 203% over the past three months worldwide.
Popular hashtags on the app for the style include #howtostyleyourcurtainbangs which has surpassed 44.9 million views, #cutmycurtainbangs at 4.7 million and #curtainbangs at 3.6 billion.
Although it might seem tempting to take matters into your own hands, to avoid disappointment (and a potential hair-nightmare), it’s best to leave the chop to the experts. So, book an appointment at a salon and show your stylist photos of what you want to go for. A professional will be able to advise you on which styles and cuts will suit you.

Wolf Cut
Another haircut that’s gone viral on TikTok this year is the ‘70s and ‘80s-inspired wolf cut. Made popular by the icons of the era like David Bowie, the wolf cut has regained popularity among celebrities including Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish. YouTube and TikTok star Bretman Rock has one of the most famous wolf cuts on the app, inspiring his 15.6 million TikTok followers.
Searches for ‘wolf cut styles’ have increased by 1,349% over the past three months worldwide, and searches for ‘how to cut a wolf cut’ increasing 362% worldwide over the past year.

Rosemary Oil, Rice Water and Apple Cider Vinegar
TikTok is a mecca for hacks that make your life easier, and haircare is no exception. Tips for improving hair health have seen a huge rise in interest across the platform, with users suggesting everyday items that can transform hair.
Rosemary oil, apple cider vinegar and rice water have been huge this year, with TikTok creators sharing their experiences introducing these common household products into their routines.
Searches for #ricewaterforhair have accumulated over 24.7 million views, #applecidervinegarforhairgrowth 129.8 thousand views and #rosemaryoilforhair totals at 15.1 million views.

How do they work?
Rosemary oil – Rosemary oil increases blood flow to the hair follicles, delivering the right nutrients and oxygen to the hair. This helps reduce inflammation, which can cause dandruff, actively stimulates hair growth, and prevents hair loss.
Rice water – Rice water works right from the scalp by penetrating amino acids, minerals and vitamins into each strand of hair. These elements are essential for healthy hair. Another benefit of rice water is a sugar found in it called inositol prevents hair thinning, premature hair loss and shedding.
Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is great for balancing hair’s pH levels, working right from the scalp. It can prevent and reduce build up, and it can work wonders on dandruff that can cause itching and discomfort.
These products are a budget-friendly way to introduce consistency into your haircare routine. If the application remains regular and the techniques from the videos are used, they have the potential to completely transform your hair, fast.

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