Benefits of Color Hair Fibers

The use of color fiber concealers have become a great alternative or supplement to concealing hair loss as they are effective and affordable. There are many options and colors available to help effectively cover up those thinning areas and balding spots. Apart from the health challenges that can be avoided by using hair loss concealers, the other interesting benefit is the fibers’ ability to blend in naturally with existing hair. These hair building fibers offer a more sensible and suitable solution when compared to a hair augmentation solution. Professional barbers are using these fibers to help their clients achieve a natural looking hair line and a fuller scalp.

The fibers thicken hair shafts and reduce the visibility of the bald parts of an individual’s scalp. Recently, I have come across a product specifically designed for curly textured hair called Make it Fuller by NouriTress Perfect Hair Products. The NouriTress product line was created to help resolve hair issues as they relate to hair thinning, shedding, breakage and hair loss.

Make It Fuller Hair Fibers is a new breakthrough technology in hair thinning and hair loss solutions specifically formulated for curly textured hair. What I personally like is this product is made with all natural ingredients.

Make It Fuller Hair Fibers are different from similar products because their proprietary advanced formula is designed to mimic the texture of curly hair and appear invisible to the human eye. Similar products on the market not designed for curly textured hair can look powdery and unnatural when applied. Some products can give the appearance of a painted, dull, stained look on the hair and scalp. Make It Fuller Hair Fibers will stay attached to the hair and become resistant to perspiration, wind or rain. Check out the product at and keep up the good work!

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