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Loyal customers are why the Jinny Big Show is successful year after year. The opportunity to connect face to face with other beauty industry professionals is invaluable. The Big Show is a well-organized event that allows attendees and exhibitors to network and build long-lasting relationships that can help create positive brand growth.
For over 25 years, the Jinny Big Show has offered customers the best industry networking, bell ringer promotions, and premium samples. Customers in the past have received well over two million dollars in money orders and an average of over 300 bell ringer deals because Jinny has the inventory to back up any promotion. This year the shows will be held in Miami (February 27th), Atlanta (March 6th), New Jersey (March 13th), Chicago (March 20th), and Los Angeles (March 27th) from 10 am to 5 pm where cherished customers take part in a day of special deals, and the biggest discounts.
To learn more about taking advantage of the upcoming shows and deals, please contact your local Jinny sales representative. Check out our tips on below how to prepare and make the most of your Big Show experience.

TIPS For OTC Retail Owners:

1 Make a plan. Create a list of vendor booths you want to visit in order of importance.

2 Wear comfortable clothes. Whether you choose to dress casually, or get dressed up, try and keep in mind that you will be doing a lot of moving around for a few hours.

3 Pack snacks and water. Trade shows can be long and while there are refreshments offered, it’s always good to be extra prepared with snacks for you and your team while you are traveling.

4 Arrive as early as possible. Arriving on time is a great way to get acclimated with where certain vendors are and to easily see where new vendors are.

5 Bring business cards. Make sure you and your team have enough business cards as well as a designated place in your bag to store the cards of people you meet.

6 Carry a clipboard or tablet. A clipboard (or tablet) for notes is a great resource to jot down the vendor name and things you like about the brand, a product, or the person you met. If you are traveling with a team, designate one person to help take notes.

7 Book a nearby hotel. This can help if you are coming from out of town, especially if you leave with more items than you came with.

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