Body Scrubs 101

With all the bath and beauty products available today it can be tough to know what is “essential” for your bathroom cabinet and what products can be avoided. The truth of the matter is that proper skin care is a commitment to oneself to take care of your body and go the extra mile in making your skin look beautiful. Remember that old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? This is especially true when it comes to maintaining healthy skin and preventing future problems.

A great body scrub will do several things to help the skin all over your body look its best at all times. Exfoliation is one of the best characteristics of any body scrub because this will remove the layers of dead skins cells that have accumulated over time. Not only will dead skin make your skin appear lackluster, it will also lead to the formation of wrinkles as they accumulate over time. A simple scrub will help to remove these problematic cells in one simple step.

Now you may be wondering if a body cleanser is the same as a body scrub. They are often sold next to each other in the store and can be deceptively similar to the average consumer. The truth is that a cleanser can add many undesirable things to skin while a scrub will work to remove debris, skin cells and grime. Cleansing the skin is important, but using products with excess oils without scrubbing the skin first can lead to more problems in the long run. Clogged pores will lead to acne, cell accumulation can leave the skin feeling dry, and over time your skin will look and feel unattractive.

Body scrubs can be used in the shower or may be used during a spa treatment. Body scrubs are available with a variety of ingredients that can be used to promote healthy circulation, combat cellulite, extra exfoliation (depending on texture), cleansing the pores and the removal of debris and dead skin cells. If you have any pre-existing skin conditions or concerns, check with an esthetician or dermatologist. With any skin product, if you develop any sort of negative reaction such as redness, itchiness or swelling discontinue use immediately.


Simple tips to benefit:


1) Use a body scrub once a week – over exfoliation can have negative effects on the skin.


2) Choose a scrub with a grainy texture to ensure proper exfoliation. Scrubs can vary from sand-like particles to larger crystals for more aggressive exfoliation.


3) Enjoy the experience by choosing a scrub with a fragrance that appeals to you. Selecting skin care products that you find soothing will encourage long term use.


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