Brand New Year with the Same Old Hair?

The New Year is when we think about change. From our finances to our waistline, we look at that fresh new calendar as an opportunity to improve ourselves. Hair is one way we can make an immediate change. We can grow it, cut it, curl it, straighten it, color it—the list is long and varied. But, regardless of the change, it’s critical that we take steps to properly care for our hair.

With Gold ‘N Hot appliances, you and your customers can know that the best care for hair is our top priority. We tirelessly research the latest techniques to ensure our products deliver consistent high heats, the best technology and the most durable products on the market today—and always with the industry’s most reasonable prices.

From Gold ‘N Hot’s Pro 1875 Watt Ionic Tourmaline Dryer to the Gold ‘N Hot 24K gold Pressing and Styling Comb, we help those with curly and extra-curly hair attain fresh new styles without fear of damage. We also help those who are embracing their natural hair texture to achieve different looks while keeping their hair growing in a healthy and nurturing environment. The Gold ‘N Hot Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer can revive those lovely natural curls that have lost their pizzazz due to sleeping, wind, weather and other stressors.

Gold ‘N Hot is passionate about providing products to help those with curly or extra-curly hair, whether it is chemically enhanced, natural, or somewhere in between. We want to empower all hair types to transform from straight to curly and curly to straight, as well as to get conditioned easily with our Gold ‘N Hot Professional Conditioning Heat Cap. Our products gently reform curls and re-texturize hair in a way that promotes overall health and strand vitality.

As the New Year cranks up, everyone will be in the mood to try some new styles. With Gold ‘N Hot appliances, you will be able to meet that demand for your customers. We stand behind our products, and we pride ourselves in giving consumers the products they want. We have been the #1 selling tool for curly and extra curly hair for many years. We strive daily to maintain that status by listening, innovating and moving forward.


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