Bringing innovation to the fore: in-cosmetics Asia gears up for its 11th edition

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region continues to present cosmetic brands with great opportunities. According to GlobalData’s latest analysis, its skincare market now accounts for 57.5% of the global market and is expected to reach US$90.9bn by 2022 – an increase of more than a third on 2017 data. J and K-beauty is taking the world by storm, but its success is down to one thing, innovation.

That’s why brands looking to tap into the future opportunities in the APAC region will turn their attention to in-cosmetics Asia from 30 October – 1 November 2018. With hundreds of innovative ingredients on display, there is no better place to find inspiration for the next wave of cosmetic and personal care products. And the revered education programme will also give an exclusive outlook on the future and improve chemists’ understanding of the current and impending regulatory challenges.

What’s new at in-cosmetics Asia 2018

The beauty regime of today is drastically different from that of days gone by. Consumers in Asia use up to 10 beauty products in their daily regimes, with a quarter of women using as many as 16[1]. Natural and organic options, as well as those with anti-ageing properties, have grown in popularity and cosmetic chemists are under pressure to deliver innovative formulas that meet the demands of today’s shoppers.

To help them meet this increasing demand, in-cosmetics Asia will feature a new series of R&D Tours. Exclusive to the event, the 1.5hr tours will provide R&D professionals with a unique experience, enabling them to discover the latest in breakthrough ingredients and technologies in a quick and highly informative manner.

Running on all three days of the show, leading cosmetic chemist Rouah al-Wakeel has curated a programme that covers three of the most topical industry areas – Biotechnology, Microbiomics and Natural Ingredients. Chemists on the ‘silent tours’ will hear exclusive commentary about the latest ingredients in each area, as well as being able to ask questions throughout the session.

The three R&D Tours are:

  • Biotechnology Actives (sponsored by Mibelle Biochemistry) focusing on next-generation ingredients developed using molecularly-identical, natural ingredients, which add important active properties to skincare and cosmetic formulations.
  • Leadership in Microbiomics (sponsored by Givaudan) will highlight how skincare and cosmetics formulators can use skin-friendly bacteria to create ingredients promising healthier, more radiant skin.
  • Natural Ingredients will help manufacturers find new paraben-free ingredients, and those created without synthetic ingredients, fragrances or nano-particles.


Putting the spotlight on…

in-cosmetics Asia’s popular Spotlight On programme will once again provide chemists and marketers with a unique way to source ingredients and learn about the latest trends in three pertinent areas – hydration, sensory enhancers and haircare actives.

Multiple studies[2] demonstrate that high air pollution levels negatively impact the skin’s natural hydration. With an increasing number of people working in densely populated areas and spending more time indoors, there are ample opportunities for beauty brands to provide products with hydration properties both in the short and long term. In addition to showcasing a raft of innovative ingredients that combat dry and sensitive skin, Sharon Kwek, Mintel’s Senior Innovation & Insights Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care in the Southeast Asia Region, will highlight the diversity of claims that are being made and identify the trends and opportunities across Asia.

According to beauty consultant Kim-Davy Howy, consumers see a clear correlation between a product’s sensory features and its functionality, and texture is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to perceiving quality. At in-cosmetics Asia, Mintel will also present some of the world’s newest and most unique products that not only meet the beauty needs of consumers, but also enhance their moods through all senses.

Haircare, on a basic cleansing level, has become an established practice in the APAC region, but – according to Euromonitor International – there is a noticeable snub of 2-in-1 products as consumers become aware of the perils of cutting corners in their routine and increasingly appreciate the benefits of targeted products. This is one of the reasons why actives that slow greying, increase strength, or protect from pollution are becoming increasingly sought after by cosmetic chemists. To help R&D teams locate the most innovative ingredients, haircare actives will be a focus of the show, while leading experts will discuss the latest trends.


A platform to find the region’s best

Another popular part of the show returning this year are the in-cosmetics Asia Pavilions that will provide visitors with an easy way to locate ingredients from specific countries in the region. This October, R&D professionals will find suppliers from France, India, Japan and South Korea via dedicated areas on the show floor. Among those present from:


  • France: Agrimer – a major player in the seaweeds industry for over 20 years; Argeville, with almost 100 years of experience in delivering high quality fragrances; CODIF will present innovative active ingredients from the sea, plants and biotechnology; specialist in lipid chemistry and plant extraction, Gattefossé; LABORATOIRE SONIAM, which creates and manufactures organic ingredients; and TechnicoFlor, which creates and manufactures the finest fragrances for all kind of applications in the perfumery industry.
  • India: BMV Fragrances – one of the world’s largest producers of essential oils; Galaxy Surfactants Ltd a manufacturer of a wide range of performance surfactants and innovative, specialty care products; Koel Colours Pvt. Ltd., a supplier of superior quality of colours; and Suru Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., which manufactures high quality raw materials, including petroleum jelly, waxes, butters and oils.
  • Japan: ADEKA Corporation, which provides various cosmetic raw materials, such as gelling agents and surfactants; raw material manufacturer DOC Japan Co., Ltd.; ICHIMARU PHARCOS CO.,Ltd., which develops cosmetic active ingredients obtained from natural resources; JAPAN NATURAL PRODUCTS, maker of advanced wax technologies for cosmetics formulations; and Nikko Chemicals – a leader in the field of fine chemicals.
  • South Korea: ActivON – one of the leading Korean companies manufacturing and trading high-quality raw materials; Bo-Kwang Chemical Co., Ltd., supplier of innovative raw materials for make-up, skincare and suncare products; CQV – a pearlescent effect pigments manufacturer; Incospharm, which focuses on developing special active ingredients for troubled skin; and P&K Skin Research Center that provides scientific and technical support through clinical studies.


Furthering knowledge through learning

in-cosmetics Asia’s highly regarded education programme will provide updates on the latest market trends and regulatory landscape, as well as delivering invaluable technical information about the latest ingredients.

According to a recent report, the global market for natural and organic personal care products is projected to grow to US$17.63bn[3] by 2021 – at a CAGR of nearly 10%. Ecovia says that demand for natural and organic cosmetics has taken off in Asia as consumers become more aware of synthetic chemicals in cosmetics and toiletries, and investment is now pouring into the Asian market as multinationals look to expand their presence.

As a result, in-cosmetics Asia 2018 will examine the latest natural trends in detail with four sessions dedicated to the topic. Focusing on how different regions of Asia are adopting these products and how formulators can embrace the movement, Kunal Mahajan, Project Manager at research consultancy Kline, will discuss how the trends are influencing ingredients usage and how ingredient manufacturers are responding to this heightened demand.

On 1 November, regulations expert Dr. Alain Khaiat will be joined by Dr. V Varma – who works for the Indian Government – to discuss the new ISO 16128 standard and how businesses can ensure compliance with the Nagoya Protocol. And with Belinda Carli (Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science) and Stacey Fraser (natural cosmetic and personal care product designer at Natures Blueprint) discussing preservation challenges and development strategy respectively, there is no better place to learn about the future of natural products in the APAC region.

In addition to natural trends, for the first time, director at Kantar Worldpanel Ashley Kang will deliver an insightful presentation about how brands can identify new shoppers in Asia. Those interested in leveraging the latest digital marketing techniques will find a wealth of information in a session about the five main challenges in social media, delivered by Web Courses Bangkok founder Carl Heaton. Meanwhile a two-hour session on regulations will provide everything you need to know about the latest regulation changes in China, South East Asia and Europe.

The free-to-attend Technical Seminars will allow cosmetic chemists to familiarise themselves with key personal care ingredients and to listen to suppliers sharing insights on innovative concepts. A series of 30-minute presentations will provide inspiration for new product formulations, help R&D teams overcome specific challenges and enable attendees to question suppliers on their latest advancements. This year’s line-up includes presentations from Ashland, Brenntag, Clariant, DSM, Evonik Dr. Straetmans GmbH, Givaudan Active Beauty, Grant Industries, Ichimaru Pharcos Co., Ltd., Mibelle Biochemistry, RAHN AG and Tri-K.

The hugely popular Formulation Lab is expected to be oversubscribed once again, so R&D professionals are urged to sign-up as soon as Lab registration opens in early September. The programme, curated by the Institute of Personal Care Science, is free to attend and designed so chemists learn the secrets to creating winning formulations. Attendees can join Cosphatec’s workshop to learn how to formulate a soft, high-caring and stable anti-ageing skin elixir with an urban touch, while representatives from the Cosmos Technical Centre Co. (part of NIKKOL GROUP), will deliver a session on how to create an emulsion paste that has a melting, ice-cream feel when applied on the skin. Other sessions will be run by Ashland Speciality Ingredients, Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Clariant, Grant Industries, Lubrizol and Sensient Cosmetic Technologies.


The premier place for innovation

Today, product innovation is pivotal to a beauty brand’s success and in-cosmetics Asia is primed to inspire a new generation of products. With more than 450 ingredient suppliers heralding from more than 24 countries, every corner of the event will showcase something new. The full exhibitor list is available from

And to make it easy for attendees to locate the newest, most exciting launches, the Innovation Zone will present around 70 novel ingredients launched within eight months of the show opening. One of the most popular areas of the show, cosmetic professionals are also invited to touch, smell and feel the products during a series of live demonstrations hosted by Mintel throughout the show.

Finally, cosmetic manufacturers are also invited to attend the highly anticipated in-cosmetics Asia awards ceremony on Wed 31 October that will recognise suppliers developing the most innovative functional and active ingredients.


Sarah Gibson, Exhibition Director of in-cosmetics Asia, commented:

“The Asia cosmetics industry is renowned across the world for its innovative approach to new product development and its adoption of exotic ingredients. Consumers in the region are trend setters globally, with the western hemisphere regularly looking east to find unique, new beauty regimes that will make a difference to their everyday lives.

“It’s for this reason that many cosmetic manufacturers turn to in-cosmetics Asia for information about the latest trends and how they can grow their influence in the region. This year’s programme will deliver a wealth of current information to help R&D teams and marketers develop truly outstanding innovations that meet the requirements and preferences of today’s consumers.”

in-cosmetics Asia takes place at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre from 30 October to 1 November 2018. Registration for this year’s event is free of charge and can be completed via



[1] Facebook IQ, Mobile Moves Beauty, 20 December 2016


[3] Technavio Global Natural and Organic Personal Care Products Market 2017-2021

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