Bronner Bros. International Celebrates 70th Anniversary in High Style

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More than 35,000 barber and salon professionals converge in Atlanta for bi-annual beauty show


Seven decades ago, Dr. Nathaniel H. Bronner, Sr. and his brother Arthur E. Bronner, Sr. hosted the first Bronner Bros. Hair show in the basement of the Butler Street YMCA in Atlanta. Today the pioneering event has grown to include all facets of cosmetology—and is billed as the largest multicultural beauty show in the world. Once again, the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show attracted more than 35,000 salon and barber professionals to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. According to reported estimates, the show’s economic impact on the city is nearly $60 million per year.

The youngest of six sons, James Bronner lead the beauty show. Before joining the family business, Bronner earned a degree in computer engineering from Georgia Tech. As SVP of Trade Show Operations, he is leveraging his tech expertise to create the ultimate show experience.


“The Bronner Bros. Beauty Show is all about inspiring excellence in the business of beauty,” Bronner elaborates. “We honor the hard work and determination of licensed professionals who take pride in what they do every day. This business is not for the faint of heart, but those who do it well deserve to be celebrated. We will continue to give a voice to the hairstylists, barbers and artists who create and innovate cutting-edge trends.”



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