Bump Treatment & Prevention: Soften, Exfoliate, Shave, Protect

Many men need to maintain a clean-shaven face, yet shaving causes them to suffer ingrown hairs that create unsightly and painful bumps. While ingrown hairs can be caused by different factors, most of these bumps can be reduced and prevented with proper care. To avoid bumps from ingrown hairs, one must soften the hair and skin, exfoliate the skin, shave properly and use a product to protect the skin. Andis Bump Care™ is a great choice for two of these steps: exfoliating and skin protection.

The best way to soften the hair and skin is dependent on the shaving process that works best for the individual man. There are common options to soften the hair and skin: a hot towel or hot shower. However, another option is to use hot shave lather from a dispenser such as the Andis RAZR Pro Lather™ Machine. The hot lather will soften the hair and skin, which will make the hair easier to shave and cause less irritation around the hair follicles. For those who prefer an electric shaver, such as the new Andis ProFoil™ Lithium Titanium Shaver, softening the skin prior to shaving is still recommended.

The second step to bump-free shaving is to exfoliate the skin in between shaves to keep the pores free from oils that can prevent ingrown hairs from growing past the top layer of skin. If an ingrown hair can’t grow past the top layer of skin it will cause an unsightly bump. Andis Bump Care contains salicylic acid, which is a chemical exfoliate that helps clean pores of excess oil. Using Andis Bump Care daily after shaving removes this excess oil. The process of softening and exfoliating with Andis Bump Care should be done even if you skip a day of shaving.

The third step to avoid ingrown hairs is to properly shave with the hair growth direction on all areas of the face. Shaving with the hair growth helps reduce the amount of ingrown hairs. After shaving, apply Andis Bump Care to protect the skin from irritation. In addition, this also helps remove any after-shave residue. Following these steps on a consistent basis will lead to healthier, smoother skin. Learn more at www.andis.com.

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