Bumps or Infection?


We all know that razor bumps on your face can be a real pain in the neck. They can also be embarrassing and difficult to cure if you are unable to determine if they are truly razor bumps or something worse. Recently, I was approached by a gentleman who wanted to know how I kept my skin so smooth and clear.

Before I went into my educator mode, I noticed he was suffering from razor bumps along his cheeks and under his neck and chin area. I began to ask him about his grooming regimen and products he was currently using to reduce razor rash and he went on to say that “none of the products work and it was a complete waste of time to buy any bump removal products.” I knew right away, I was dealing with a hard case.

In my mind, I thought, “Either he is not applying the products properly or he is not cleaning or storing his shaving tools.” Through our conversation, I learned he was not cleaning his clippers or his razor before or after shaving. In turn, he has infected his face and over the counter bump products will not work at this point. I will share the most common infections, but contact your doctor or dermatologist for proper diagnosis.


Fungal infection: When your razor remains wet or if you don’t wash it properly post using it, there are high chances that it might harbor microbes that cause fungal or yeast infection. Also, sharing of dirty razors can cause folliculitis or ringworm infection.


Hepatitis: Sharing razors with a person infected with hepatitis might increase your risk of getting the infection as well.


Staphylococcus infection: Failure to  use disinfectants or a virucide before or after using your razor also puts you at high risk of getting bacterial infections, most common being staphylococcus infection. A skin infection, it usually manifests as a painful rash or boil which is often mistaken for a razor bump. OUCH!

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