When you have a busy day of appointments ahead of you, it’s important to keep your tools sanitized in between clients to ensure the health and safety of your salon.

A common mistake that professionals face when cleaning their cutting tools is not knowing which maintenance product they should be using and as a result, using the wrong one. During a normal day in the salon, tools need to be cleaned, oiled and sometimes disinfected to prevent infections or bacteria spreading between clients, while ensuring the cutting performance of the clipper or trimmer.

Quick Cleaning and Blade Cooling Between Clients – The most sanitary practice is to clean used tools between appointments. Using a multipurpose product like Andis’ Cool Care Plus® spray is ideal as a fast-acting cleaner since it is a 5-in-1 spray functioning as a lubricant, disinfectant, cleaner, rust preventative and coolant. Simply spray the clipper or trimmer and using a cleaning brush, brush away hair, before using a towel to dry off and wipe any excess product residue from the clipper and blade.

Disinfection – Cool Care Plus Spray also has a key ingredient allowing it to function as a germicide to kill infectious bacteria should your blades contact blood, etc. If a client’s skin has been nicked or if they have any other skin condition where blood or infection is visible, tools will need to be thoroughly decontaminated. After the normal brushing and blade cleaning, spray Cool Care Plus on the blade surfaces until wet and let stand for a minimum of 10 minutes prior to wiping.

Deep Cleaning – After a long day of clipping and trimming, grime builds up on the blades impeding performance. A deep cleaning can help restore cutting power and reduce strain on the tool’s motor and blade drive. My go-to product for removing hair debris from clipper and trimmer blades is Andis Blade Care Plus in a jar. To use, pour some product into a bowl – just enough to cover the clipper/trimmer blade only – run for at least one minute. This will penetrate the hard-to-reach areas and clean your blade better than any other process.

Adding these simple practices to your routine is essential to keeping barbershop and salon standards high and protecting your reputation as a professional.

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