Clipper Blades How to Perform Maintenance

The most important part of a hair clipper is the clipper blades. If these are not functioning properly because they are out of adjustment or dull then the hair clipper will be more or less useless. Keeping them in top working order requires occasional maintenance and may even necessitate that they be sharpened from time to time. Taking the extra time to make sure the blades are well cared for will prolong the life of the clippers and ensure that they always deliver the best results possible. Clipper blades are easy to care for if it is done on a regular and consistent basis.

The first step to maintaining a set of clipper blades is to regularly clean them. A few stray hairs can easily cause the blades to clog up making them very ineffective. After each usage it is important to thoroughly clean the blades. Often times, all that is necessary is to gently tap the clipper against trash can to knock any debris loose and off of the blades. From time to time it may be necessary to remove the blade to ensure that there is nothing preventing it from working properly. On most clippers it is possible to remove the blade with a screwdriver.

Clipper blades may also need to be lubricated. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to lubricating the blades. Any instructions provided regarding how much oil to use and how often to use it should be carefully followed in order to make sure that they are always in peak condition. Lubricating the blades not only prolongs their life by cutting down on the amount of friction they must endure, it can also increase the life of the motor which moves the blades since it will not have to work as hard to do its job.

A professional set of hair clippers can be a fairly substantial investment which is why keeping them maintained and in good working order is so important.

If the clipper blades need to be sharpened it is generally a good idea to send them out so that they can be sharpened professionally. The tiny teeth on a set of blades make it extremely difficult for the average person to sharpen them correctly. Eventually the blades may need to be replaced and purchasing a replacement set is easy and surprisingly affordable. A professional set of hair clippers can be a fairly substantial investment which is why keeping them maintained and in good working order is so important. Whether it is cleaning, lubricating, or sharpening, keeping the clipper blades in good condition will make the investment well worth it.


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