Clipper Envy – The Cordless Envy™ Li

If you haven’t heard that the Andis Envy™ clipper is a good tool, I am here to tell you that it is – and it just got a whole lot better! The Envy clipper is now available in a cordless model called the Cordless Envy Li. Andis has taken one of the most envied clippers on the market and packed it full of features.

73000-envy-cordless-li-clipper-lcl-straightFirst, let’s talk power. The Envy Li features a strong rotary motor for smooth cutting performance at 5,500 strokes per minute. It also has a long-lasting, lithium-ion battery that delivers over two hours from a 90-minute charge. While the battery isn’t removable like the Andis Supra 120™ because of it being cord/cordless, the dual power source option adds value to this clipper because it can be used for an entire day of servicing clients without a drop in the quality of performance.

The other standoutfeature with this tool is the weight. At less than 10 ounces it is super light and features the same comfortable, balanced design as the corded Envy. It’s also made in the USA. This gives the end user the advantage of having replacement parts available should a repair be needed in the future.

However, my favorite feature on the Envy Li is its ability to be zero gapped, which allows for very close bald fading. (Zero gapped is when a clipper has a blade that can be adjusted, and the cutter blade and comb blade can be perfectly parallel.) When a clipper blade can be adjusted like this it allows for additional personalization by the user. Many barbers like to fine tune their clippers like this by setting their clipper to a zero gapped setting. The results of cutting with zero gapped clippers is the hair being cut so close that is looks bald. While I don’t recommend this for the home cutter, professionals will appreciate this feature.

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