Tools & Tips for Styling Children’s Hair

For new professionals and at-home clipper cutters, styling children’s hair can be one of the most difficult things to do. Many of the challenges stem from choosing the wrong tools and using the wrong techniques. Most young children are not comfortable being in the barbershop in the first place; then barbers come at them with loud and uncomfortable tools and it just make things worse. Thankfully, Andis makes a variety of tools that are great choices for clipping kids’ hair.


Using tools with quiet-running motors, such as the ProAlloy clipper or the SpeedMaster clipper, will keep a child from leaning away from his barber. In fact, the ProAlloy uses patent-pending XTR Technology to make it cooler and quieter than other clippers. In general, magnetic motor clippers produce the least amount of sound, followed closely by pivot motor tools. Clippers with large motors, such as some detachable blade designs, can be louder and should be avoided with timid children. The same rule applies to trimmers. The T-Outliner® trimmer is a magnetic motor tool that is both classic and quiet. Additionally, any trimmer in the Andis Slimline series, such as the SlimLine® Pro Li cordless trimmer, will deliver quiet cutting performance for professionals wanting to use quieter tools on children.


Children’s Haircutting Tips

  • Use quiet-running clippers – Try the ProAlloy™ or SpeedMaster®.
  • Avoid large, powerful detachable blade tools.
  • Keep it fun – Use a toy or a treat as a prize for holding their chin down while you trim their nape.
  • Use the Andis SlimLine Pro Li trimmer on the nape – The cordless design delivers added freedom and the comfort edge finish on the blades helps reduce scratches and client discomfort.
  • Use attachment combs instead of clipper-over-comb cutting technique – The precise size of an attachment comb and the hair it leaves behind is always going to consistent, even when the child is moving.


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