Clippers, Shavers & Trimmers

Stylecraft and Gamma+ Founders Ken & Austin Russo

The terms “clippers” and “trimmers” are often used interchangeably, but they are anything but the same. The most significant differences between the two are the blade sizes and purposes. Think of your clippers for overall cutting while the trimmers are used for detailing areas like the sideburns, lineups, nape of the back and balding hair, said Austin Russo, the co-founder of professional hair appliance companies Gamma+ and Stylecraft. “Clippers are generally designed with wider cutting blades to cut the overall bulk hair, full haircuts, or bulk grooming. They are typically bigger overall than trimmers and have adjustable taper levers. Trimmers are a bit smaller and more effective for detail work and getting very close to the skin.”



Designed for: Bulk cutting varying hair lengths

Best Uses: Overall cutting and fading

Where to Use: Head & Face


Designed for: Shorter Hair

Best Uses: Detailing, creating outlines, dry shaving and shaping

Where to Use: Face, neck, chest, stomach, legs, arms and back

Best Tool for the At-Home Barber

Gamma+ Protégé Clipper & Trimmer Combo Package

“We highly recommend our StyleCraft or Gamma+ Protégé Clipper, Trimmer, or Combo package for the beginner. It’s a great machine to start with, and you can add accessories, blades, and guards a’la carte as you need them,” Ken Russo said. “Ultimately, all our clippers, trimmers and shavers are built for professionals with exceptional craftsmanship performance and industry-leading technology. But any can be used at-home as well depending on the budget.”

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