Create Spellbinding Hair this Halloween

It’s always an exciting time of the year when the leaves start to change colors. An eerie, yet exciting feeling creeps up on us whilst Halloween approaches. As candy corn and pumpkins fill the aisles, we contemplate over and over which costume we’ll wear this time around. If one thing is for certain, your tresses can either make or break whichever disguise you decide to wear. The most exciting thing about Halloween is having the freedom to style your hair ANY way you want—whether it’s a leap into the wild side or a curled perfection into your coronation.

A simple, yet great way to truly let your creative side show is by wearing a black, simple outfit and letting your hair and make up showcase your artistic skill as a cute or sexy animal—extra points if you’re daring enough to wear a leotard. To conquer your inner lioness, use the Gold ’N Hot 2” Ceramic Crimping Iron to create extra wavy texture in your hair. The iron heats up to 450°F in 60 seconds, making it easy to re-texturize even the coarsest of hair. Be sure to let hair sit without movement for a few minutes while it cools. Finish your animalistic hair by brushing your fingers through it to give it the extra carefree, wild look.

What if you want to use the enchanted day to show your royal, elegant side, you ask? The Gold ’N Hot Ceramic Deep Waver will give you the perfect glamorous curls your sparkling princess crown deserves. The waver heats up to 450°F and can be adjusted to lower temperatures as well to suit any hair type. To ensure extra deep and defined waves, use firming spray before styling. Be sure to let waves cool before applying any type of tension to them.

Some women might opt for the mystical, mysterious and sleek look to complement their spy or superhero costumes. The Gold ’N Hot 2-1/4” Ceramic Straightening Iron is perfect to transform a thick, full head of hair into silky-smooth and shiny locks. The iron heats up to 450°F in 60 seconds, helping you get out the door quickly. Additionally, the iron has a 1-hour automatic shut off, in case you forget on your way to making your saucy appearance at that Halloween party.


Whether it is messy waves, collected curls, or sleek straight hair, remember the key ingredient to spine-tingling hair is your imagination. Challenge yourself to add a spark to your everyday hair rituals. Your magical hair will be sure to cast a spell on every person you walk by this Halloween.


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