Create Your way – WITH THE Master® Cordless CLIPPER

By Kenny Duncan, Andis North American Artistic Team Lead

There’s no doubt that the Andis Master® Cordless clipper is designed to perform. With its state-of-the-art engineering, high-torque rotary motor and Constant Speed Technology, you can cut through any type of hair without dragging or stalling.

Cutting Performance

My top two adjustable blade picks that can be paired with the Master Cordless Clipper, are the #22-tooth (included) and the #28-tooth (sold separately). Both blades are made of carbon steel and are adjustable from #000 (1/50”) to #1(3/32”).

The #22-tooth cutting blade is great for all-around cutting, removing bulk and especially when blending thick hair using the clipper-over-comb technique. This blade works best with dry hair but can also be used on wet or damp hair.

Another blade option is the #28-tooth blade, which is an option for finer cutting thanks to the tighter tooth pattern. This blade features teeth with a taller, thinner profile and very little spacing between them. This tighter tooth pattern results in more hair being gripped and cut with each stroke, delivering increased precision when fading. It performs best on dry hair.

Cutting Versatility

For ultimate versatility, pair your clipper with any of the Master magnetic attachment combs. Available in sizes 0 – 8, including two half sizes – 0.5 (3/32”) and 1.5 (3/16”) for even more control. 

Limited Edition, Unlimited Creativity

The limited-edition Gold Master Cordless is encased in an unbreakable, lightweight aluminum housing with a durable corrosion-resistant custom gold finish. The included carbon steel #22-tooth blade also features the same luxe gold finish. As an added bonus, this limited-edition model includes five premium metal clip attachment combs in sizes 0(1/16”), 1(1/8”), 2(1/4”), 3(3/8”), and 4(1/2”). 

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