Cyrus Jackson, an Icon in the Hair & Beauty Industry, is Dedicated to Empowering Entrepreneurs and Transforming Hair Care

Cyrus Jackson, a seasoned veteran, and leader in the beauty industry, is driven by his unwavering passion for healthy hair care and his dedication to assist hard-working entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. He serves on the leadership team of LOC N, LLC where he has joined forces with the company’s founder and visionary, Danielle Townes, in their shared pursuit of excellence.
LOC N TM products is dedicated to revolutionizing hair care for individuals with locs, wraps, and twists. At the core of their mission lies a commitment to delivering top-tier hair care solutions. Their products are crafted to hydrate and protect the hair, with offerings ranging from nourishing shampoos to protective conditioners and styling gels.
We had the privilege of chatting with Cyrus to gain insights into how LOC N has evolved over the years and to discover the remarkable plans they have in store for the future.


OTC: What is your current title and role in the hair and beauty industry?
Cyrus Jackson
: I’m simply an entrepreneur and student of the industry. I sold my brand, JAMAICAN MANGO & LIME TM, nine years ago and have engaged the business in many different facets since the sale.

OTC: How long have you been in the industry, and how did you get your start?
: I’ve been in the industry since 1985. I started with Bronner Brothers and continue to have a business relationship with the company.

OTC: Can you tell me about the background of LOC N TM products and how the company got started?
: LOC N TM products were created and developed by Danielle Townes. Danielle is a master loctician and braider who started selling LOC N TM Products in 2016. Danielle created the next generation of loc and braid products and brought new life into the category.

OTC: I understand that there have been some challenges regarding the brand. Could you provide more details about the situation where Danielle was misled about her trademark rights and how you became involved?
: Danielle had her products manufactured by the company that is currently using her “LOC N” trademark right now without her authorization. Danielle was unaware that the first to use a mark in the U.S. holds the senior position and owns the trademark. Filing a trademark application gives additional benefits but does not create rights to own the trademark in this country. She was led to believe she didn’t own the LOC N™ mark she developed, and it belonged to the company now selling without permission under her brand. The other company took advantage of Danielle’s lack of knowledge in the area and trademark law. And worse, the industry distributors were falsely told that Loc N Products LLC lost the rights to its brand name. Therefore this misleading company flooded the market with counterfeit versions of our number one product. This company is causing much confusion in the marketplace with its false claims.

OTC: What prompted you to get involved with LOC N Products LLC amidst its challenges?
: I was introduced to Danielle by my business partner Mike Conley because I have some experience in trademark infringement matters when a company in New York making black hair products that smelled like watermelon sued my company for including the word “African” in my trademark for hair products. After meeting Danielle and hearing her story, I was compelled to help her regain her hard-earned brand. Having marketed many brands in my career in this industry, I know firsthand how much work it takes to build a brand, and I respect the work. She was mistreated, and we will correct the damage that has hurt our brand.

OTC: How did the misleading actions affect the company’s operations and reputation?
: The misleading actions have stolen millions of dollars of sales from our company. However, with our experienced legal team I’ve been working with for 25 years, we will regain the goodwill and reputation lost due to their actions. Our legal team is prepared to explore every possible legal action to regain our brand and goodwill.

OTC: Can you describe the new packaging for LOC N TM products and the significance of incorporating the original owner’s signature on it?
: The new label has not only our LOC N mark and LOC N TM Gel mark but also Danielle’s authorized seal and signature on it, as well as a warning to beware of counterfeits. The additions are noticeable to consumers. Also, we are launching a complete line of loc and braid products, all with an authorized seal with Danielle’s signature. Our goal is to come back stronger than ever because “We know what the Gel we’re doing!” We want a fresh start and to let our customers know what is real and what is fake.

OTC: What sets LOC N™ apart? What do you feel is unique about the product line?
: LOC N TM(trademark) Gel is a new technology of a better gel in the category. Danielle’s creation of an advanced formulation sets us apart from other gels on the market. Our complete line and collection are specifically formulated to perform in synergy with our Gel foundation. LOC N TM products are made with superior ingredients new to our category. It makes locs and braids last longer and look their best with long-lasting hold and sheen. Our complete line of revolutionary products is the number one consumer-preferred brand using our first-used, first-created, and developed new technology. I never knew about Danielle’s superior quality because it didn’t exist until 2016, which has better-performing products than I created in 1999.

OTC: What are your marketing plans, and how do you plan to engage with your customer base?
: Heavy social media, aggressive sampling, and participation in strategic consumer events.

OTC: How do you feel the hair and beauty industry has changed over the years, and what do you hope to see more of?
: I’ve not been very active in the industry since selling my brands, but I can see how social media dominates marketing strategies. This seems to breathe new life into marketing approaches taken by marketers today. I see a bright future for our industry as long as we embrace new concepts with exciting new products to follow.

OTC: Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?
Cyrus: I’m excited to be on Danielle’s team and just as excited again to have a seat at the industry’s table. Counterfeiters are not just stealing a brand; they are stealing the tools for building a healthy business, jobs, and community.

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