Detachable or Adjustable – What’s Better?

One of the most common questions asked of Andis educators is which clipper type is better – detachable or adjustable? To answer this question let’s first take a look at the differences between the two clipper types.


Adjustable blade clippers, such as the Andis Master, Envy and Supra 120 Ion are used primarily for tapering and blending. If a customer only desires to have one clipper in their kit, and he or she doesn’t do a high volume of clipper cuts, then an adjustable blade clipper would be my recommendation. The ability to achieve a wide variety of hair lengths with a single tool and the included attachment combs make an adjustable blade clipper best buy.


Detachable blade clippers, such as the Andis five-speed Supra ZR and the MVP, along with various detachable blade sets, are designed for high-volume, heavy-duty bulk hair removal. They do this quickly and efficiently and therefore are suited to the hair professional wanting to save time and service more customers. For the hair professional who is serious and desires to create quality cuts fast, a detachable blade clipper is a must-have. To get the most out of a detachable blade clipper, an investment in a minimum of three blade sets based on their most commonly requested haircut lengths is necessary. A clipper with multiple speeds can also offer them additional control. For example, I prefer the Supra ZR because with five speeds ranging from 1,800 to 3,800 stokes per minute, I can handle any situation.

So I’ve danced around the answer long enough. The best clipper type is the one that will best meet the customer’s needs. My suggestion to the hair professional would be to acquire both because each clipper type compliments the other. Having a detachable/adjustable combination in the toolkit is the key to saving time without sacrificing quality.


To recap, based on price point and versatility in a single tool, an adjustable blade clipper such as the Envy would be the best option if only one clipper were being purchased. On the other hand, if a hair professional desires to invest in tools that will help enhance their career and cutting experience, having both the adjustable and a detachable blade clipper like the Supra ZR is the smart choice. To learn more, visit

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