Easy to Use Treatment for Damaged Hair


ApHogee, the pioneers of the two-step hair treatment system, is now offering the Hair Strengthening Kit to ban hair breakage and strengthen severely damaged hair for weeks. This kit does not require a hooded or hand-held dryer, and both products are easy and effective to use.

This ApHogee Hair Strengthening Kit will reinforce the cuticle to improve hair’s elasticity and flexibility, resulting in strengthened and healthy hair.

How to Use: Cleanse hair with ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo to remove any residue from the hair. Apply Step 1, the Amino Acid blend, working throughout the hair. No hair dryer is required. Leave on for five minutes; Product will dry and thicken, bonding to the damaged sections of the hair. Rinse with warm water. Apply Step 2, the Protective Moisturizer, through hair; Leave on for one minute and rinse with water.

Stylist Tip: This is perfect as a pre-treatment prior to coloring the hair. By using this kit prior to coloring the hair, color molecules will better adhere to the hair, resulting in less color fading.

For more information, visit www.ApHogee.com.

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