Fall Hair Color Trends from CHI Haircare


Fall Trends Overview

Fall in love with CHI this season! Join Farouk Global Board Artist Rocky Vitelli, as he formulates stunning fall colors featuring CHI Shine Shades liquid color and more to spice up the season. Cranberry Merlot, Copper Gold Fusion and Amethyst Grey will make your head spin! The fun doesn’t stop at the color, Rocky gives you amazing cutting techniques to crate bobs and styles for all of the trendy women this season!


Fall Trends Short Descriptions:

  • Cranberry Merlot: Deep hues of Cranberry red with hints of copper highlights accentuated by a “Lob”(long graduated bob).

  • Copper Gold Fusion: Multi-dimensional Coppers with hints of Gold and a new twist on agraduated bob.

  • Amethyst Grey: A Fun violet Shadow root that melts into a light SmokeyGrey with a spunky textured modern shag.

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