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The only hair fiber designed for curly hair!


Make It Fuller Hair Fibers is a new breakthrough technology in hair thinning and hair loss specifically formulated for curly textured hair. Made with all natural ingredients, each application of Make It Fuller Hair Fibers will give you back your confidence and make you feel younger!

Make It Fuller Hair Fibers is different from similar products because their proprietary advanced formula is designed to mimic the texture of curly hair and appear invisible to the human eye. Similar products, when applied to curly textured hair, look powdery and unnatural, giving the appearance of a painted, dull, stained look on the hair. Make It Fuller Hair Fibers is formulated from natural fibers of Keratin Protein designed to resemble real curly hair that builds upon your own natural hair to make it look fuller.

Their proprietary advanced formula has superior quality because Make It Fuller Hair Fibers provides full coverage and is designed to create a strong attachment to the hair strand, thus allowing the fibers to stay attached to the hair and become resistant to perspiration, wind or rain.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance free
  • Non irritating to scalp
  • Friendly to sensitive scalp
  • Unique formulation to resemble real curly hair texture
  • Stays in regardless of sweat, rain or wind
  • Available in 3 colors: Black, Dark Brown, Med. Brown
  • Guaranteed to not stain or run

Find Make it Fuller and stock your shelves as hats come off for the return of spring.

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