FOCUS: “Follow One Course Until Successful”


Did you know focus requires discipline and determination? Robert Kiyosaki, a personal finance guru, defines focus in this simple yet perfect acronym: “Follow One Course Until Successful.”

When you begin to participate in multitasking it is shifting your attention from one thing to another and many times you find that you fail to complete many of the “to-do” items on your list. While it’s fascinating we have this capability to multitask, it is not exactly the best use of your time and efforts. We all understand that time is money and we must focus on the one talent or business in which we are most likely to find success. When we “Follow One Course Until Successful” we actually accomplish more and feel less stressed. I detest visiting a barbershop and I can hear barbers talking on their cell phone while servicing a client. The client is paying for your services, your conversation and attention.

As soon as you can, eliminate all distractions for the time it takes you to complete one of your top priorities. To start out, select something pressing and set aside time to complete this one task connected to the vision for your business. Next, put a “focus session” note on your door, turn off the wifi, or unplug the Internet, silence cell phone notifications and schedule FOCUS time in your calendar so others will not disturb you.

Maybe product inventory is your priority today, and yes that’s very important too; you also need to focus when taking care of your business. Eliminate distractions even when resting. Really relax and be present at that task. No texting, email checking, or business calls. I have seen people take a vacation and bring along their cell phone and laptop and work all through their vacation sending emails and running to the business center in the hotel. When on vacation, take a vacation! Keep up the good work.

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