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As high school graduates become collegiate freshmen in the fall, acquiring personal grooming tools and techniques become a higher priority. During this transition period (which often includes moving to a new city), facial hair blooms and visits to one’s favorite local barbershop cease. The concern of finding a new barber can be a real problem. As a trusted men’s grooming expert in my neighborhood, I’m often asked for grooming tips during this time of transition.

The two biggest issues for college freshmen are: finding someone new to trust with his grooming regiment and deciding if they would be better off doing their own grooming versus trusting a stranger with their hair. Many young men come to the conclusion that nobody knows their hair better than they do. In this case, the only things missing from DIY grooming success are the right tools and techniques.

The young man with blooming facial hair would benefit most by having the Andis Envy™ clipper and T-Outliner® combo called the Andis Barber Combo Kit. The T-Outliner trimmer is the best-designed tool for outlining facial hair and dry shaving. This combo set is also the best starter kit for the brave soul who now desires to handle his hair, as the Envy clipper features eight attachment combs to achieve many hair cutting lengths.

In addition, if a young man (or woman) is looking for a convenient tool for shaving, the Andis Profoil Li shaver is the best choice. It features large, independent foil heads that make shaving easy and smooth. The specially designed titanium foils help cut hair close while cutting it in a way that helps prevent ingrown hairs. For the best prevention of bumps when shaving, couple the Profoil Li shaver with Andis Bump Care™.

For grooming videos featuring these tools visit Andis on YouTube,, and These educational videos from Andis can help consumers and professionals alike with step-by-step grooming techniques that work. Armed with the right tools and techniques from Andis, growing from boys to men becomes easy.

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