Gamma Hybrid Dryer: 

The Industry is no stranger to our original Xcell blowdryer, which sports a digital brushless motor that runs at 110K RPMS.  These motors are lightweight and whisper quiet, making it a salon and barbershop favorite. You will notice three sets of buttons on it, one for heat, one for fan power, and a separate on-off lock selector switch. 

The Xcell led Gamma to innovate a newer blow-dryer that’s almost half the retail price, smaller, and actually very close in terms of velocity in our private testing. That blow dryer is the Gamma Hybrid. 

Despite its lower price, the features it packs are very innovative. First, you will notice only two analog switches on the side. This allowed Gamma to reduce the size of the dryer by omitting that 3rd switch. Another notable feature is the triple protection filter. There are three separate filters that are on the back of this dryer that help prevent debris from entering. 

You can unscrew the back and easily clean your dryer when you do your regular maintenance as we all know, regular maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your equipment.

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