Get in the Game

It’s time for men to take the field and get into the beauty game. Luckily we’ve compiled a collection of some products that can help get them pumped up for game time. Stock your shelves today!



Dapper with Dax

Do you have customers looking for an everyday styling product for their short or medium length hair? Look no further! DAX Hair Wax is a strong holding wax that contains a special ingredient to help it wash out more easily so users get the all-day handsome hairstyle they want without the evening wash-out worry.



Cool Curls

Men with curly hair should be proud of their hair texture, just like many women are. Made with essential oils and extracts, Uncle Jimmy’s Curl Kicker is a light flake-free cream that’s perfect for defining natural curl patterns. It works with the hair’s natural system to provide intense moisture and ultimate flexibility.


Seductive Shine

Mane Tame by J Carter Men is an all-natural spray shine oil that can be spritzed on the hair, scalp and beard to instantly soften and condition dry hair and skin. This mixture of natural ingredients helps effortlessly boost shine, making it a triple threat.




Beard Butter

Beard Guyz’ Beard Butter with Grotein 20™ has all the moisturization benefits of their original Beard Butter plus a special boost of growing power. This special blend helps fill in patchy areas to give users the full, soft beard they’ve been waiting for. It also helps to reduce itch and irritation.



Sensitive Shaving

Bump Patrol Sensitive Shave Gel is formulated with aloe vera to improve razor glide while soothing and protecting skin against razor bumps, razor burn, nicks, scrapes and cuts. Those all sound like no fun, so encourage your customers to take caution today! This gel is dermatologist recommended, and great for use on bald heads and faces…anywhere your customers shave.





Replace when Necessary

The 5-Star Series Replacement Foil and Cutter Bar Assembly from Wahl is your customers’ all-in-one replacement package for their 5-Star Shaver. Designed to get the closest shave possible without being painful or irritating, the replacement package includes hypo-allergenic gold foil, which prevents bumps, and cutter bar assembly for a like-new shaver.



It’s phenoMENal!

Men can be confident that they wow the crowds in any room they enter thanks to got2b’s Phenomenal Thickening Styling Cream. Inspired by the barber shop, this formula is scientifically proven to enhance hair’s thickness while providing natural sheen and hold.




Special Treatment

Sensitive skin calls for a little special attention…especially when it’s on the face. Clubman Special Reserve Cologne is an aftershave with a unique blend of ingredients to cool and soothe tender skin. Now all can enjoy the alluring scent of aftershave, not matter their skin type.


Grow with Godefroy

Your shoppers can grow longer, thicker, softer beards and mustaches naturally with Godefroy’s Thick Beard & Mustache Growth Serum. This nighttime treatment combines Jamaican Castor Oil and plant extracts to provide intense nourishment to men’s facial hair. Used nightly, it can help eliminate beard itch and flaky skin, while also softening and adding shine and luster to hair.


Guys Color Too!

Creme of Nature realizes that women aren’t the only customers who dye their hair; men do too! Their Moisture-Rich Hair Color for Men provides great benefits and maximum convenience. The formula works in just five minutes and provides natural-looking gray coverage while its Shea Butter conditioner works to lock in color and leaves hair soft.


Ensure Good Smells

Neutralize body odor with Lucky Tiger Head to Tail Deodorant & Body Spray. More than just an antiperspirant, this good-for-the-environment, non-aerosol spray deodorant is made with botanical extracts and essential oils that keep users smelling clean and fresh from head to toe. Vetiver and rosewood are used to create the irresistible scent.



Soothe Skin Post-Shave

Moisturize and calm skin with Cantu’s Post-Shave Soothing Serum, which is part of a collection specially formulated for men with wavy, curly and coarse hair. Created with cooling menthol, this product helps calm and moisturize the skin to help promote healthy hair and skin growth.



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