Hair Dryers: Bonnet vs. Handheld

Offering both to customers can lead to voluminous, long-lasting sales


To many, a hair dryer may seem like just a hair dryer. After all, it’s a beauty tool that gets users from point A (having wet, fresh out of the shower hair) to point B (flaunting perfectly dried, voluminous or set-in-place hair). Although that seems correct there are actually variations of this item, allowing your customers to create the style that best suits them individually.

In the multicultural beauty supply industry there are two distinct types of hair dryers your customers can choose from: a bonnet hair dryer and a handheld hair dryer. Each one works in different ways to set and style hair. To better understand the differences OTC Beauty Magazine spoke with Nicole Gray, Director of Shows and Education for ConairPRO. She explained why it is important to know which tools work best to achieve the look and style your customers want. Shoppers may ask you directly for advice, or you can store this knowledge and use it to further the success of your business, understanding the need to have both on your shelves.


Gray offers the following advice for your customers who prefer hairstyles that are set for all-day wear. “For setting or wrapping hair in a particular form in which the hair is molded into place, we suggest using a bonnet or hood dryer. The combination of product and heat works to set the hair into place for long-lasting style and hold. The BaBylissPRO Thermal Ionic Rollabout Hard Hat Dryer is the perfect combination of even air flow and heat distribution, as well as static-free negative ion technology.”

On the other hand, some of your store shoppers may prefer a more free-flowing hairstyle. “If the customer prefers to wear the hair with movement and body, the combination of a handheld blow dryer, brush, and the proper products allows one to shape the hair, create lift at the root and overall volume while drying. The trick is to marry the proper tool and technique to create ideal results. The new BaBylissPRO Rapido handheld dryer is a must for any type of blowout. The series of different size concentrator nozzles, negative ion technology, and brushless motor not only produces the smoothest results possible, but also the most powerful blow dry with the actual dryer weighing less than a pound. A must have for any blow out!”


Keeping both types of hair dryers on your store shelves—bonnet/hood and handheld blow dryers—will ensure your customers are able to find exactly the tool they need. We encourage you to stay educated on the latest product releases and styling techniques so your establishment is a hotspot shopping destination for fashionistas in your area.

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