Hollywood Hair Bar

Founded by celebrity fashion stylist Tiffany Rose, Hollywood Hair Bar is an all-natural, affordable hair line that offers products that help revitalize and grow healthy hair. We connected with Tiffany about how she got started, her love for her customers, and how she has built a successful brand. With over one million bottles sold and over 30,000 five-star reviews, this is definitely the start of a beauty empire.

OTC: You’re an amazing fashion stylist. What inspired you to get into the beauty industry and launch Hollywood Hair Bar?
Tiffany Rose: I walked away from my 20 year Celebrity Fashion Styling career because I saw a need for all natural hair growth products that are life changing. I witnessed the craze of Lace Front Wigs and the aftermath that many women had to deal with, which was hair loss. That was a pain point and a problem that I knew I could solve for my consumer. I have a deep passion for women and beauty. Making them feel beautiful and building confidence is what our brand is all about.

OTC: Did you come from an entrepreneurial family?
Tiffany: My mother and father, Jonathan and Angela Dean Of Deanzign Designer Collections truly put me through entrepreneur boot camp growing up. They have been my mentors my entire life. I come from an entrepreneurial household. My mother and father own a few fashion brands. My mother is a Celebrity Fashion Designer and they have been entrepreneurs my entire life. I was definitely groomed as a child to be a CEO of a multi-million dollar company.

OTC: What’s your company ethos?
Tiffany: The Culture of HHB as a community is very mind blowing. We have built a full community of women who take pride in their hair and in the products they use. They are a very close knit community that shares information, tricks, information about the products and even sales and discounts. We have a name for our tribe, they are the Hollywood Hair Barbz. Our Barbz love the brand and they love the community that we have built for them to feel loved and special. Each HHB product feels hand made and special just for you.

OTC: What are your top selling products and why do you think they are doing so well?
Tiffany: – Hair Regrowth Serum Regular Strength
– Hair Regrowth Serum Extreme Strength
– Growth Edge Control
– Super Grow Grease
These products above are the core assortment. A growth serum in two strengths and a growth styling edge control paired with a super grow scalp grease. All of these products stand alone and will grow the hair in 7-14 days. The customer will see results quicker than any other product that is on the store shelves at the moment.

OTC: How can OTC stores benefit from having your product line in their stores? What suggestions do you have about store placement of your items?
Tiffany: OTC Can benefit from our huge core following. We have over 1.5 Million in our subscribers list and we heavily market our brand. When the customer walks in she knows Hollywood Hair Bar is the quickest all natural product that can grow her hair or style her hair. She has been looking for our product at OTC stores for a long time. The placement of the product should be close to the cash wrap. Since the product is such an eye catcher we suggest placing it in a high traffic area in the store next to your other growth products. We suggest the assortment be merchandised together as a full growth collection.

OTC: What marketing efforts do you feel have worked really well for your brand?
Tiffany: Paid online social has been our biggest success. We have invested millions of dollars in marketing over the years. Also our retention marketing is a huge platform for us as well by retaining our subscribers and keeping them engaged with the brand.

OTC: What do you feel sets your brand apart from other hair brands?
Tiffany: Our brand is all natural and our products work extremely fast. There is no other hair growth serum or oil that is all natural that will produce the same rapid results. Since I come from the fashion world the aesthetic of the brand is very fashion forward, bright, fun and exciting. Many women are also intrigued by the packaging, bright colors and the name Hollywood. This is why placement in the store is key.

OTC: What is your leadership style and how did you grow your team?
Tiffany: I am a very hands on CEO. I approve everything, I am extremely involved in the branding and I truly love my Hollywood Hair Barbz so I want everything perfect for them. I am a roll up your sleeves type of CEO and I think that sets me apart from the rest. I have strategized this entire movement and I am very passionate about it!

OTC: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you regarding your business?
Tiffany: The best advice anyone has ever given me regarding my business was to learn how to do everything yourself in the beginning so that when you grow you can manage each department effectively. And the second, was to reinvest your profits back into the business. I have done both pretty well.

OTC: How do you balance entrepreneurship and personal life? Any tips?
Tiffany: I am a mother and the balance can get hard at times. I just recently realized that it’s time for me to balance it all because I am a workaholic. I can go for 24hrs if need be. I am still working on this.

OTC: Do you have a mantra for your approach to customer service?
Tiffany: The Customer is always right. We want to make our Barbz happy and excited about our brand. We treat them with a high level of respect. We love our Barbz so we take customer service very seriously.

OTC: Are there any projects or events you would like for our OTC readers to know about?
Tiffany: We are working on releasing a kids line next. As well as new product releases that are revolutionizing the hair growth market. We are very excited about what we have in store for the future of Hollywood Hair Bar.

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