Hot Oil Treatments

As women, we all want to have perfect and healthy hair all the time. Beautiful hair makes women feel confident. It’s simple, when your hair looks good you feel good. It is sometimes necessary to use unique ingredients in our hair care routine to achieve amazing results. Hot oil hair treatments are a must-have product in all beauty regimens and work great for all hair types by providing numerous benefits.


The History of Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments are natural products derived from plant extracts that have endless amounts of benefits for the hair and can either be homemade or store-bought.

A hot oil treatment is an inexpensive luxurious product you will not regret purchasing and is well worth the investment. Hot oil therapy is the process of when warm oil is added to wet or dry hair. The heat from the hot oil does wonders by making the hair cuticles expand so they can retain more oil. Hot oil hair care treatments are a moisture-retaining tool that prevents hair from looking dull.



A hot oil treatment works great for all hair types and textures. The treatment is beneficial to hair because it moisturizes the hair follicles and tames unwanted frizz. It is no secret that women want smooth and silky hair at all times regardless of weather conditions. The great thing about hot oil is that it’s beneficial year round. It is important to include hot oil in your hair care regimen especially during cold climate conditions when the hair becomes dry and frayed. After it is applied, it leaves the hair feeling replenished, restored and luxurious. The hot oils infuse the hair with shine and luster without making it feel or look “greasy.”

Another benefit hot oil treatments provide is repairing and preventing damage done to the hair cuticles. The hair cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft and slowly becomes weakened when it is under constant stress due to heat tools, chemical processes and everyday brushing. A hot oil treatment soaks into split ends and minimizes the damage caused by frequent hair coloring and external factors. It is used to replenish the scalp’s natural oils that seal in moisture. When the scalp lacks either moisture or natural oils, dandruff can form. Dandruff is an unwanted guest on our hair that makes the scalp itchy and flaky. A hot oil treatment is the solution to stop dandruff because it prevents clogging of the pores and soothes the irritated scalp.


Homemade Hair Oil Treatments

The following oils have a high concentration of healthy nutrients that work great for at home treatments.

  • Olive Oil – strengthens and nourishes the hair by providing elasticity to hair strands
  • Avocado Oil – improves strength
  • Sesame Oil – provides shine and luster
  • Coconut Oil – softens and nourishes the hair *do not allow the oil to dry because it will harden
  • Safflower Oil – hydrates the hair
  • Grape Seed Oil – a light moisturizing hair oil that works as a natural heat protectant
  • Tea Tree Oil – helps eliminate dandruff


It is important to choose the oil that will work specifically for your hair type and benefit you accordingly.


How it Works

A hot oil treatment can be used before shampoo or after conditioner, depending on your hair texture. If you have thin hair it is better to apply the hot oil treatment before you shampoo as this will create a barrier against sulfates to stop the stripping of natural oils from the hair. In order to reduce damage, a hot oil treatment can be applied to hair every 2 – 4 weeks or more often depending on the needs of your hair. The continual use of hot oil treatments will give you long-lasting good looking hair. After incorporating this product into your routine you will see a noticeable difference in your hair.


Instructions for Hot Hair Oil Treatments

For homemade hot oil treatments, heat the oil mixture in a small pan until comfortably warm. It is not recommended to microwave oils because they can potentially burn the scalp due to a high temperature.


For store bought products, follow these instructions:

  1. Immerse the closed tube of the hot oil product in hot tap water for one minute.
  2. Make sure to test the oil to ensure it is not too hot and will not burn the scalp.
  3. Once the product is hot, massage the oil into the scalp using fingertips in a circular motion; this helps promote hair stimulation, working from the root to end. (Scalp stimulation encourages new hair to grow faster. The warm oils stimulate blood flow to help thicken the hair.)
  4. Apply a plastic cap for 15 – 20 minutes so the oil can penetrate the hair shaft.
  5. Gently rinse out the hot oil treatment from the hair.
  6. Style as usual.


If interested in adding hot oil therapy into your beauty regimen, try the HASK Macadamia Oil Leave-In Hot Oil Treatment. Not only is this product affordable, but you will see an improvement in the texture of your hair. The HASK Macadamia Oil Leave-In Hot Oil Treatment is alcohol free, gentle enough to use as often as needed, and is safe for chemically treated or colored hair. This is the perfect product to combat dry and damaged hair. The added macadamia oil in the formula helps to restore moisture back into the hair. The HASK Macadamia Oil Leave-In Hot Oil Treatment nourishes the hair and gives it a healthy and strong appearance. Look out for the Argan Hot Oil Leave-In Treatment launching this month, in August! For more information on where to buy HASK products visit or

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