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A brand builds a legacy by listening to its customers, showing respect and appreciation for its employees and partners, and providing the best quality products. We spoke with Camille Wright, the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Management from House of Cheatham, about the importance of giving back and what makes HOC a renowned brand.


OTC: How did the company get its start?
CW: House of Cheatham was founded in 1924.

OTC:When did you join the company and can you tell us about your role?
CW: I joined in March 2022 when Hollywood Beauty and House of Cheatham merged. I am the SVP of Marketing and Brand Management – representing the Hollywood Beauty and Kuza brands.

OTC: What products fall under the House of Cheatham umbrella?
CW: HOC has a very extensive catalog – Africa’s Best, Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils, Hollywood Beauty, Kuza, Originals by Africa’s Best, Texture My Way. We also offer kids collections – Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils and Kids Originals by Africa’s Best

OTC: Who is your main audience and what sets your brands apart from the rest of the industry?
CW: With this merger, House of Cheatham now offers solutions for a vast and wide population. However our consumers wish to wear his/her/their hair – natural, relaxed, textured, straight, or chemically treated – we have an answer. We also offer solutions and treatments for smooth skin and any other types of skin concerns.

OTC: Can you tell us about your work with HOC Cares? What was your most recent initiative and how can people support your endeavors?
CW: House of Cheatham is a very generous organization. Most recently, the company made a multi-million dollar donation to Clark Atlanta University and more donations to HBCUs are planned for the very near future, stay tuned.

OTC: What trends do you feel are most prevalent in the multicultural beauty industry right now?
CW: I’ve been in this industry for a while now and the trend that I love the most is the season that we are currently in. I love that everyone is embracing themselves and working to present their best self to those who matter to them. Individuality, and respect for it – instead of being led by others, consumers are choosing what works best for their own lifestyle and I love it.

OTC: How do you share product knowledge with your customers and retailers?
CW: Customers and retailers can learn more about our products via our company and individual brand websites, our best-in-class product pages, and our various social media platforms where we partner with influencers to help engage our customers.

OTC: How has your experience been with social media marketing?
CW: I love social media marketing, but not just in a way to deliver messages, but receive them back from our consumers. We love to engage and learn from those who love our products. That relationship is extremely important to me and social media is a great way to connect.

OTC: How can OTC stores benefit from having your product lines in their stores? What suggestions do you have about store placement of your items?
CW: Our brands are extremely popular. Having them in store and in highly visible places on shelf helps the consumer feel “at-home” and know that they are shopping in the right place. We move units. Consumers are in touch with our offerings. They love our solutions for hair and skin – so it’s a great benefit to the stores to have our brands available.

OTC: What does the future hold for House of Cheatham? Are there any new projects or products you’re working on?
CW: These are exciting times. We have an amazing team who is concerned with meeting the needs of our consumers while giving them the best experience with our brands. I think our new products will excite and unite. I can’t wait to see what our partners think of them.

OTC: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our OTC readers?
CW: Thank you. Gratitude is the key to happiness and the mother of all virtues. At House of Cheatham, we are thankful to your readers for keeping us top of mind with our consumers and being great partners in this great industry.

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