How to Avoid Coloring Your Hair Too Dark

The hair color business is booming, and both men and women are starting to color their hair at a young age. I have seen men as young as 25 requesting color at the barbershop. But even in the barbershop, barbers fail to choose the correct color combination to make a client’s hair look natural. Men can often make the same mistake at home and may color their hair too dark in an attempt to cover their gray hair.

Since the majority of men will choose to color their hair the first time without professional assistance, they often choose a hair coloring kit off the shelf, such as Just For Men or Bigen #59, which are both great products if used properly. Some products may be too dark and will need to be lightened or mixed with Bigen #58 or #57 to achieve a more natural, uniformed look. Talk to a professional before coloring your hair yourself.

Rules of Thumb:

  • Select a hair color no darker than your eyebrows.
  • Consider backing off the darkest color in the coloring spectrum to a more natural dark color (i.e avoid using jet black. It will make you look weird. Choose natural black instead).
  • Products like Bigen EZ Color offers a great option for addressing the gray hair on your head, along with your beard and mustache. You may need more than one box for proper coverage.
  • Not all color products are designed to be placed on your face to color your beard and mustache. The wrong products can create an allergic reaction, so always do a skin test.
  • Avoid leaving the color on too long. Always follow the directions included with the product.
  • Use a timer.

My product of choice is Bigen EZ Color. It’s an easy, comb-in cream formula that requires no mixing, won’t drip and won’t leave stains on the skin. The product can also be used on facial hair, as well. Just remember, all permanent hair colors require a preliminary skin test before each use. Your body constitution and condition change every day. Allergic reactions can occur depending on the constitution of the day of use. Please make sure that you do the skin test before each use, even if you have been coloring with a product for years without any problems.

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