How to Use My Free Window Space to Increase My Store Business

In my previous article, I urged our OTC store owners to remove their window-covering posters and in this article, I will go further and explain why this will benefit your store and how you can utilize your windows. I will give you tips on how to create window displays to increase your sales and I will show examples of how national retail chains are currently doing this in America.
It is important to know that these national retail chain stores spend billions of dollars on advertising companies and firms who specialize in “turning heads” and attracting consumers into their stores.  We need to understand that when a consumer walks into the store, it is the equivalent to having dollars coming to your register. The question is: “How do we attract consumers into our store without spending a lot of money?”  Utilizing window space and window displays is often disregarded and overlooked in our industry. This is a huge mistake. Your storefront is your biggest asset in gaining new customers! It gives you an opportunity to express to consumers what is special about your store and what you are doing differently than your competitor.
Just like how an attractive booth draws retailers at trade shows, the same philosophy can attract, engage, and motivate customers to enter your store and make a purchase. With e-commerce growing daily, it is critical for brick and mortar stores to “step up their game” and evolve with visual merchandising. Be creative and be different, because your retail space can be your most valuable salesperson.
It’s not enough to display a “We’re Open” sign; store owners must become more dynamic and communicate with colors, products, and informative signs. It’s all about stimulation and sensory experiences – this attracts positive attention, if done correctly. Again, this does not need to be expensive, it just needs to be effective.


What makes an effective window display? Here are some tips:

1. Show off key pieces of merchandise; not just what customers need, but what they desire.

Have a picture of one of your best selling items without any prices or show a picture of new products.

2. Create it so customers can look into your store – do not cover all your windows; customers want to look inside your store and people attract people.

In order to stay relevant, brick and mortar stores must use visual merchandising inside and outside your store to attract new customers.

3. Change monthly and use variation.
By doing this, your consumers will know that you are keeping up with your store and will look forward to shopping in your store.

4. Have multiple layers of height.
This will be much more attractive than just a straight line across the entire window space.

5. Sensible signage – not just “SALE SALE SALE!”, but well-worded signs that are short and easy to read.
Use simple words like “Stylist Welcome Program,” “Spanish Products Available,” “Eyelash Makeover,” “Human Hair Repair Service,” “Professional Products Available,” “ Barber Tools Sold,” “Supporting our Troops,” “Supporting Breast Cancer,”  “New Products are Here,” and so on and so forth.

6. Find inspiration and do your research: know your customers, display beauty trends, reflect the season/holiday, etc.
This is the most important tip because in order for you to have a great effective sign on your window, you need to know the demographics of the people within the five miles of your store very well.  Once you know the population percentage of African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, and others, you will know what message you need to display on your window space.   Being seasonal and keeping up with trends is also very important and this is something that will make your store stand out among the rest.

In order to increase your sales without lowering your margins, you need to push beyond everyone’s expectations. Yes, creating an effective window display will take some level of energy and creativity, but it is necessary for growth.  I read somewhere that if you write a list of all the things you need to do tomorrow, you are better than 95% of the people around you. If you accomplish all the things on your note, you are better than 98%. If you accomplished everything on your list and added more tasks the same day, you are considered a superstar in any type of work or profession you are in!

In order to be successful, it starts with a simple list. If you really want to become something and make a difference in your life, everything starts and ends with you.  Unfortunately nothing good in life comes FREE.   And with that, I wish you all success in 2015!!

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