Improve the Performance of the Andis Master® and T-Outliner® with Ceramic Blades

By Kenny Duncan, Andis Global Educator – US Team Lead

Two of the most common questions I get when teaching clipper classes are “what’s the white blade for” or “why would I use one?” People ask this because one of my favorite tools is a blade set equipped with a ceramic cutter blade. It’s a common misconception among those new to clipper cutting that the steel blade, made popular on iconic tools like the Andis Master and T-Outliner, is always best. With today’s manufacturing technology, the ceramic blade offers a number of advantages over an all-steel blade set.

Ceramic blades were developed to be longer-lasting, cooler running and smoother-cutting than steel. Plus, ceramic blades provide the novice clipper cutter with a major benefit – the ability to keep the clipper turned on for extended periods of time without causing the blades to get too hot for their customers. Cool and comfortable tools can help deliver a great customer experience, which leads to positive word-of-mouth advertising. 

I use my Andis Cool Care to help keep my steel blades cool, but my ceramic blades stay up to 75% cooler than my all-steel blade sets! Andis offers a complete line of detachable ceramic blades, and ceramic blade sets are now also offered for the popular Master series clippers and T-Outliner series trimmers. Some people might be surprised to learn that the ceramic blades cost a bit more money, but the benefits are worth every penny. 

Ceramic blades are well worth the investment and should be considered by every clipper cutter. When customers come looking for a replacement blade, remind your sales staff that this is the perfect time to make the upsell to ceramic. Your customers will thank you later!

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