in-cosmetics launches live demo series to uncover hottest new ingredients

May 2020: Hot on the heels of a hugely successful virtual conference in April, in-cosmetics Global will run another series of free webinars next week (27-29 May 2020), enabling the personal care industry to learn about the world’s most exciting new ingredients.

Over three days, 14 leading suppliers will take part in a new ‘Ingredients in Action: Live Demo Showcase’, inspired by the Innovation Zone at in-cosmetics Global.

With the Coronavirus pandemic creating somewhat of an information vacuum when it comes to ingredient launches, in-cosmetics’ new series of live demos will help unearth the hidden gems and highlight how each ingredient can used to formulate novel new products.

Run on in-cosmetics’ BrightTALK webinar channel, each speaker will present a hot new ingredient that has recently been brought to market. They will explain how they can be used creatively in formulations to develop on-trend products. Among those taking part will be:

  • Mathias Fleury, Global Category Manager for Biotechnology Actives at Givaudan, who will be ‘Investigating the power of Green biotech for innovative skin & scalp care’
  • Dr. Fred Zülli and Dr. Franziska Wandrey from Mibelle Group Biochemistry who will talk about ‘Senolytics: Clearing Zombie cells in the skin’
  • Jordi Ayats, Marketing Manager at ALGAKTIV (GreenalTech), who will explore microalgae technology including the company’s own ALGAKTIV® BodySKN is inspiring new sustainable products
  • Dr. Florian Genrich, Sr. Global Product Manager Skin Protection at Symrise, who will introduce Crinipan® PMC Green and explain how it’s the next-generation dandruff control
  • Experts from Mintel, Sappi, Vytrus Biotech and Provital who will all deliver invaluable information during their individual sessions

Commenting ahead of the next series of webinars, Roziani Zulkifli, Exhibition Director for in-cosmetics Global, said: “It has been a difficult few months, but we are continually inspired to see the resilience of the industry. The beauty sector will rebound from the Coronavirus crisis, with McKinsey & Company already predicting that consumers will continue to see many products as affordable luxuries when shops reopen.

“However, a continued drive for innovation remains vital to the success of the personal care industry and as we emerge into the new normal we recognise that R&D teams need more information about the newest ingredients. And what better way to do that than hearing from the suppliers themselves, through a series of free-to-attend live demos.”

To see the full line up of speakers and register for the Ingredients in Action: Live Demo Showcase please visit

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