in-cosmetics North America’s Innovation Zone Features Industry’s Most Innovative Ingredients

Ahead of in-cosmetics North America, we shine a spotlight on some of the most innovative ingredients and formulas set to be on display at the show’s popular Innovation Zone, all of which will launch at the show or in the six months before.

NaturePep® Quinoa from TRI-K Industries, Inc.

NaturePep Quinoa is TRI-K’s newest superfood-derived natural peptide that specifically addresses under-eye bags, roughness around the eyes and eyelid creases. Eyes are the window to the soul and crucial for first impressions, but unfortunately, the delicate skin around our eyes is susceptible to premature ageing, puffiness and wrinkles from varying factors, including sleep deprivation, stress, UV exposure and age.

The active ingredient acts quickly to significantly reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and puffiness by 37% for ageless-looking eyes. It also works to smooth roughness in the area and visibly diminish eyelid creases and folds, ensuring the eyes are lifted and revived.


MossCellTec™ No. 1 from Mibelle Biochemistry

Active ingredient MossCellTec™ No. 1 will be brought to the show by Mibelle Chemistry. So named as it is claimed to be the first active ingredient based on biotechnologically produced moss, and was recognised at in-cosmetics Global in April with two gold innovation awards.

Mosses were the first plants that conquered the land and used their extraordinary adaptation abilities to survive from prehistorical times until today. MossCellTec™ is an innovative technology for growing moss as a culture in the lab.

It contributes to ‘cell nucleus health’ – a novel anti-ageing concept – as well as improving expression of cell nucleus health markers in aged cells and helping skin adapt to climatic changes in vitro and in vivo.


SUNSOFT LC810-C from Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd.

SUNSOFT LC810-C is an optimised surfactant complex for ultimate water-base cleansing from Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd. This functional ingredient can easily form liquid crystals with low concentration, enabling oil and dirt to easily be dissolved and dispersed. It also pierces the interface between the skin and make-up by dramatically reducing the surface tension. These two distinctive features guarantee deep and skin-friendly make-up removal.

The benefits of SUNSOFT LC810-C include its perfect cleansing ability, which removes all traces of make-up and other impurities that collect on the skin. It boasts low levels of skin irritation and eliminates any need for harsh rubbing or rinsing, while also offering long-lasting hydration to keep the skin’s natural moisture in balance.


Creasperse® UV Nude from The Innovation Company

The Innovation Company will showcase Creasperse® UV Nude – a new range of ready-to-use predispersed mineral UV-filters. The special combination of various nude shades allows for a transparent appearance on any skin type.

The active ingredient brings the highest complete protection to the skin as it obtains an SPF of 500+ – a critical wavelength of over 318nm and the EU UVA pass.

Creasperse® UV Nude comes in two types of emollient systems which are both photo-stable: either ISO 16128 naturally or super pure synthetic.


N-Collage from Geltor Inc.

Geltor Inc. is claiming a world-first with functional ingredient N-Collage, which is an animal-free, vegan collagen that was designed molecule by molecule specifically for cosmetics applications. The entire manufacturing process involves zero animal inputs and it has far superior purity and functionalities than animal-derived collagen of any origin.

It rejuvenates the skin by boosting collagen production, while enabling it to recover and protecting it from damage. It is the ultimate sustainable solution to enjoy the benefits of collagen, presenting only the best of what nature has to offer.


Valida from Sappi Biotech

Valida is made from sustainably managed forests, which do not compete with food crops cultivation. The 100% natural wood fibre is free from chemical modifications. Valida provides excellent rheology performance and storage stability due to its 3D fibre network and high-yield stress.

The shearing thinning property ensures good spreadability and skin coverage, while also offering excellent finish that doesn’t feel tacky. Other benefits of Valida include superior skin hydration and wrinkle reduction. It is perfect for formulators looking for a 100% natural, biodegradable ingredient with multiple functionalities. It will be on display at the Innovation Zone and at stand A45.


Hydroquat 510STKC from KCI Limited

KCI Limited will showcase its latest functional ingredient, Hydroquat 510STKC, which is designed to help protect skin against the unavoidable environmental aggressors it faces in everyday life.

As a result of factors such as sunlight and pollution, consumers’ skin is constantly exposed to harm. With this in mind, Hydroquat 510STKC was developed. It mimics the phosphorylcholine structure of keratinocyte and maximises the skin barrier function.

Unlike conventional ingredients that act as phospholipids, this one improves the function of the stratum corneum by acting as keratinocytes.

Hydroquat 510STKC forms a skin barrier with strong interaction with the stratum corneum and reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL), as well as providing a double moisturising effect.

Once formulated, it dramatically reduces any greasy sensation on the skin, and is instead characterised by excellent silky textures to give a feeling of long-lasting moisture after washing.

All these and more will be on show to inspire and educate R&D professionals on the latest ingredients coming to the cosmetic and personal care market. Visit for further information and to register online to gain free entry to the event.

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