Indie Trail launches as R&D Tours return at in-cosmetics Global


Discover the brands driving trends and innovation with tailored R&D Tours and solve indie brand challenges with the new Indie Trail

The 30th edition of in-cosmetics Global will provide an unparalleled platform for R&D professionals to source the latest ingredient innovations and discover the trends shaping the global beauty industry. For the first time, the show will play host to an Indie Trail, curated in response to the growing presence of indie brands in the industry.

The launch of Amazon’s Indie Beauty shop in 2018 reflects the power and influence of innovative indie brands with sales of beauty products reaching $950 million in 2018, up 26% on the previous year.

In response to this shift, the 2019 edition of in-cosmetics Global will see the launch of the Indie Trail, designed to help independent companies discover the latest innovations in personal care. A dedicated guide will list exhibitors that can provide ingredients in quantities to suit a smaller 100kg production. It will also enable them to make new connections that will aid their specific requirements and help optimise their time at the exhibition. Exhibitors who have signed up include Active Concepts, CFF GmbH, Formulator Sample Shop Europe and Roelmi HPC.


Visiting R&D professionals will also be sure to book their places on the popular and expanded R&D Tours, with three industry-defining topics covered on each day of the show. Each tour will guide participants through the entire exhibition, with some of the best and most relevant innovations and exhibitors hand picked by expert guide Rouah Al-Wakeel.


The first theme will look at Protection, sponsored by IMCD, as research into the effects of pollution and light radiation on the skin has revealed multiple effects such as premature aging, pigmentation and redness. Skin is the body’s ultimate defence system and so it is essential that manufacturers formulate products with its protection in mind.


As a key topic within cosmetics manufacturing, the issue of Healthy Ageing, sponsored by Mibelle Biochemistry, will be addressed. There has been an increase in the requirement of unique ingredients to facilitate the creation of products that promote this concept and the second theme will look to inspire participants into making the next wave of products in this area.

The demand for safe and effective preservative ingredients has never been higher and the continued growth of the natural and organic market – expected to reach nearly $20 billion by 2022[1] – is driving demand for natural preservative ingredients. Sponsored by Symrise, Preservation will form the basis of the third tour. It is an essential component in the formulation of cosmetics and personal care products and finding a good preservative match is becoming increasingly difficult. Those signing up to this theme will find their questions answered during the bespoke show tour.

Roziani Zulkifli, Exhibition Manager of in-cosmetics Global, commented:

“We are pleased to have expanded the popular R&D Tours for 2019 to cover three important themes within the industry. They are designed to help time-poor visitors navigate through the show, aided by expert guidance, and quickly find the solutions they are looking for.


“This year, we wanted to reflect the shift in the market as more indie brands continue to break through, though this is not without challenges. Our Indie Trail has been curated to help representatives of smaller and start-up brands overcome these difficulties as their success is rejuvenating the industry and escalating innovation.


“Above all, in-cosmetics Global is a one-stop-shop for gathering information, being introduced to new ingredients and innovations and networking with peers, new and old.”


R&D Professionals should apply to each R&D tour by filling out an online form The Indie Trail Guide will be available for pick-up at registration across all three days of the event. For more information, to register and to receive the latest updates, please visit


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